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Episode 77. Jason Khalipa

July 18, 2016

@jasonkhalipa is the definition of family man and OG CrossFitter. He quickly gained traction in the @crossfit community and thoroughly enjoyed CrossFit as a way to “throw down” with the boys. The EIGHT time CF Games competitor has shifted gears from competition to focus on family life, @NC_Fit, & @boxtobusiness. @boxtobusiness was created by @jasonkhalipa […]


Episode 75. Lucas Parker

July 2, 2016

6x individual crossfit games athlete, Lucas Parker joins us on this episode of Pirate Life Radio Podcast. Lucas is one of the best known figures in the sport. The Caveman Coffee Crew recently had the pleasure of getting to know him at the @Reebok Training Grounds Camp. He is much more than a beautiful beard […]

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