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Episode 54. Mike Dolce and Carlos Condit

December 6, 2015

Master Nutritionist/Dietician/Strength Coach, Mike Dolce & UFC195 welterweight belt contender, Carlos Condit join us today…beautiful dudes and beautiful journeys!


Episode 37. Brendan Schaub

October 26, 2015

Brendan Schaub: I knew what the ending to that movie was like if I stayed in the UFC. Physically, I’m in my prime. I’ve never been so strong, fit. I’m knowledgeable. I have experience on my side. I have all that. People tell me, “Dude, don’t retire yet.” Fight a couple more. I get that. […]


Episode 11. Greg Jackson

May 13, 2013

Tait Fletcher: Boy, welcome. Well you guys just missed the first ten minutes of a fantastic conversation. I’m just here; I’m at the Access MMA and we’re at the new academy and I didn’t double hit my thing and I needed to. I’m here with Greg Jackson. Now we’re laughing at my flaws here but—Greg […]

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