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Episode 79. Slaine

July 31, 2016

George Carrol, aka “Slaine”, is an actor who can be seen in The Town, Killing Them Softly, Gone Baby Gone, and, most recently, Central Intelligence. George is also a Boston born, hip hop veteran MC, who grew up with posters of ‘House of Pain’ on his wall and eventually ended up touring similar circuits, even […]


Episode 78. Chris Hinshaw

July 22, 2016

@hinshaw363 is a triathlete champion turned CrossFit coach. Injury brought him to Crossfit & it terrified/intrigued/ and healed him. Being the kid that was never good at sports, he found passion in CrossFit and the community that allowed for the greatness of every day folks to find greatness. He coaches Games athletes and still dedicates […]

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