Episode 17. Nutrition seminar with Keith Jardine

Man 1: Hey guys. This is tait and -- so, this next podcast that we're doing or that we've got done that we're going to upload today is a nutritional seminar that Keith Jardine and I just put on to help Jodi Esquibel and Ruben Rivera got. what I hope is some really useful information for everybody goes in to a little bit of our history about where Keith comes from, where I come from and kind of what our pathways have been towards diet and health. Unfortunately I got to leave town today. I'm in New Mexico right now and Nate Marquardt just called earlier and i was hoping to get a podcast with him cause he's been super interested he's in another one of these high level athletes that really looking to optimize himself with nutrition. I've been talking to him a little bit and so is Keith we've been all been good friends for a long time and he's been a guy that's been active; that's been looking to change up his diet because he's been feeling sluggish after cuts and this and that. We're hoping to have some good results with that but it's not going to happen today. This podcast is about 2-hours long. I hope it's engaging for everybody I hope you

[inaudible 01:22.7] that we're able to keep it rolling. It's interesting it's funny and it's one of the things that guys has been asking for about like what do you eat like, how did you get where I am. And really to think -- I think to listen to it- if you're looking to make a change in those ways is that it's not just everyday it's like you know the "Me" that is willing to eat hamburgers with buns and potato chips or whatever - oatmeal even like a lot of guys that are-- had nutritionist like they advocate a lot of stuff that I think is horrific to tell people it's safe to eat. But I couldn’t have gone from that guy to eating how i eat overnight. And so I kind of going to a little bit about the progression of like what took me through and how to heightens my discipline and my sensitivity is to the caring and nourishment and nurture into myself really i guess. Anyway, we're going to put this together right now and hope you'd dig it and please hit me up @taitamusmaximus either on instagram or on twitter. On twitter I’d get back to you. With any question or what you want future podcast to be. Also, yeah breaking bad who just did that Ozymandiaz you know whatever they say the best episode ever is. Really crazy to see man. I'm as blown away as anybody and what a bunch of fun man. What a huge amount of fun to leave behind. And the finale is just going to be just sick. I think there are 2 episodes left so, get

fuckin ready beautiful savages. It's going to be amazing. You can hit up my man; he's my lead guy at Santa Fe. 10th planet affiliate and kind of a-- he's, I don't know as far putting together videos you know he's piecing together this podcast and kind of my right hand guy all through is @therubenrivera it's not the real Ruben Rivera is it? It’s therubenrivera. A lot of guys just need titles. Lot of guys needs titles I don't know why. He's trying to make excuses to not sound grandious we know. People are important I need that the real this and that. So, the Ruben Rivera @therubenrivera, @nateronovich is my other [oak? ] and it's nateronovitch I don't know Google that shit. And Keith is @keithjardine205 and Jodi is @jodiesquibel please hit us up. Hope you enjoy. And without further adieu peace!

Man 1: Hi everybody! I'm Tait this is Keith.

Man 2: So, this how it start, like i did a couple of nutritional workshops in my studio in Albuquerque. And [hey keith?] we're going to one here. We’ll start a whole lot of challenge here; we're going to do one in Santa Fe. You may come do this nutritional talk and I'm like: yeah sure. Now I’m here we're doing a podcast, we got a web cast going, we got a bunch of people in here like wow you don't do anything small do you?


Man 1: We're trying to live in to it.

Man 2: [chuckles] Well I got my -- I'm new to this-- on it-- I'm taking the, what is that alphabrain

Male 1: Yep.

Man 2: So, let's see how smart i come out, I don't know man

Man 1: It's like nootropic. I don't know if you guys have heard of it or heard of him but there’s a bunch of things out there in the market that are like help receptivity to like memory, in cognition and sleep rhythm and all that kind of stuff and like the ideas that put you in like a deeper R.E.M. sleep sooner so you'll recover more and that you have more clarity through the day and one of our friend own this company onnit.com they sell this thing alphabrain and so I don't know like-- I called the dean the caffeine now he's Keith Jardine he use to fight for the UFC and old training partner for years. I don’t know how long ago we met, a decade or more maybe but-- you know he's kind of follow like what my path has been also is like coming from a professional athletic background and finding out like the little bit about like-- here’s how I was eating like at the highest echelon of sport and what I thought was good eating and then I find out a little bit more I go, ohh. That was maybe deleterious to my health. and so I try a different pact -- it's all like the whole last 10-15 years is been like a tightening up and a shaving off and I learn a new things and being willing to be a hypocrite kind of to what I knew yesterday you know. I been trippin on a lot about like everything that I thought that I knew, I've been wrong most of my life. Eighty percent everything that I knew, I've been wrong a hundred percent. But it took me a lot of time to find that out you know and that being the case like things that I really believe didn't held on to be true that I needed to let go off. Still today, i got to consider that the things I’m going to tell you maybe isn't the best. It’s best that i know from the evolution to where I am today. and so all we're kind of giving you is my experience and Keith’s giving you his experience of what that's been from a competition athlete standpoint to where I am now as kind of an aging athlete that i just want to continue motion and my job now is physically demanding sometime and so I want to stay in utmost condition for that and i want to keep my body moving for as long as possible. I'm hoping to speak to that a little bit today. And Keith’s the same thing he's been like when I stop fighting and we kind of came back together, you know what I mean. It's like, cause Keith was still training all time; it's weird it's like I surround myself with who I'm around you know. And then when I started really moving in this other kind of area and then Keith started to, it's like we just kind of came back and came back together again and.

Man 2: Exactly. I can pinpoint the moment to. It was pretty cool. I don’t where your recent journey started but mine was, a lot of guys you see it [inaudible 0:07:56.4] that's a healthy person. I want to be like that - the person's healthy. Or that guy is morbidly obese, that guy is highly in plain, that guy is not healthy. But that's not really true. A lot of people say: well I look good so I’m following the right path but that's not true because my last fight was a little over a year ago. And if you saw me step on the scale, I drop down to a lower weight class - for my second fight I was at 185 from 205 and you said: man, Keith’s in the best shape of his life. I got more abs on that I have more than I've ever had like there's a picture of health right there. But you know what i was sick. I couldn’t barely move. I was a walking dead. I was basically a zombie at that point. I went out and did one of the worst fights in my life. I lost to a guy that everybody around me thought that I could beat up. So everybody afterwards been pushing to retire and that's what started this journey is cause—everyone talking to me I got the best nutritionist in the world I'm following all his advice and doing everything he says. I'm training harder than ever and what happen is, I go in this fight I can't even move. I'm in the week before the fight I'm grappling with a guy that was 150 pounds and he's holding me on the ground i couldn't get up like what's going on here. After that fight, this is kind of where it starts for me. Everyone's been pushing me to retire I'm like what am I going to do right now and I started thinking about like something in my diet - I just [inaudible 0:09:23.6] healthy. I got my blood work done and everything is way out of whack man. My adrenalins aren't firing my testosterone is way low, my hormones are all messed up. So then I start- really trying to stay. I haven't quite find the path yet I just know i got to find something else because now that your thinking about retirement- your thinking about; I got the rest of my life like how I'm going to-- I train twice a day everyday just so I don't get fat. I mean that's what I do I train twice. I run the hill--not to get better at my sport so I don't get fat.


Man 2: I'm eating all this carbs I got to balance it out somehow you know. Some of that point in my life and then I'm taking things out of my diet. I never told anybody this before

[Inaudible 0:10:09.1] I've seen a hormone doctor I got on testosterone cream and I'm doing that to get my testosterone and I was really pumped up to the point like this going to change everything. I'm going to feel ten years younger I'm not going to be a zombie anymore everything is going to be great and I was pumped up for a little while and the placebo effect worked and I was feeling great right away and then a month later I start training again and same thing- nowhere. I come hit my head against the wall I'm grinding--

Man 1: With the same diet? You got the same you've been going?

Man 2: Same diet. I’m trying to eliminate--

Man 1: And what does that look like?

m2: that's the thing. The doctors that prescribe me the testosterone and all that, he had me do a week long diet and said: you know what Keith; this is the best diet I've ever seen. Like he really did have some help I've never seen a diet this good before like you've really like-

Man 1: Right.

Man 2: Yeah. I was eating every meal I have my quarter cup of grains, serving of protein, piece of fruit; you know just broccoli and chicken kind of thing. Little bit of salad with canola oil that kind of stuff and I thought I was trying so hard and i had to do that--

Man 1: And the reason you think it's a good diet it's because it taste like- it taste awful

Man 2: [Chuckles] yeah.

Man 1: You know what I mean that's why you feel like you’re doing something good because that's not fun to eat that. You know what I mean? So it's like; this is healthy because I am suffering. Through another piece of dried chicken and broccoli and some grain. You know?

Man 2: Yeah you going to keep that up for the rest of your life.

Man 1: right. So people are like my shirts on point


Man 2: yeah. And that's where you get roller coaster. But I think this is for later in the conversation.

Man 1: [laughing]

Man 2: We'll talk about- whatever. Okay. I'm talking about where I was and where I met tait. I was a diet, I'm doing a testosterone, I'm doing all that stuff and I think about getting ready start fighting again and get in training again and I'm going to do this I'm fixing my health and then again a month later I start training and I hit rock bottom again and I have no energy. I sleep. When your training you sleep, eat and rest and get ready to train again and that is not suppose that way

Man 1: Right.

m2: You just think, oh that means I'm doing good job training.

Man 1: Yep.

Man 2: About that point-- And most exactly that point I go to an audition, Tait and I do audition around here all the time. It's kind of a joke--

Man 1: It's always for different parts.

Man 2: [laughing] it’s always the exact same part. [Laughing] If I don't see Tait at the audition, I'll call Tait up on the phone and he'll start saying the same lines right away- Same audition. So, here's a funny story. So I get to the audition and Tait is there too. I'm on my bike; I'm late, scrambling to get there. And I see Tait in the lobby-- when is your call time? Mine was 10 minutes ago. So, he get up there and Angelique pointed us out- to me the casting director to Tait call me out front of everybody got-- hey Keith’s late just want everybody to know that. Keith is late.


Man 1: He comes in whenever. When they got that kind of acclaim and fame to do whatever.

Man 2: Well neither of us got the part.[laughing] Anyway, after that I walked down and Tait finished before me and he was sitting in the chair and this is like one of those like you go in your life and then someone crucial moments in your life and that's why tait is-- Is he's always there to help somebody like- I won't get into what he did last night; helping out these two strangers but I come down and Tait says the same question when asked me about a year now. Like how's your diet? How's your dietician going? and for the first time like I was-- before like-- cause you had to drink the cool aid when your fighting I guess [Inaudible 0:13:57.1] right on never done better blah blah blah you got to drink the cool aid when you’re fighting cause you got to go on fight somebody. For the first time like, you know what tait? I'm not so sure. I'm just trying to find this other way like I'm researching stuff I'm taking stuff out of my diet I think I've told you i was doing a testosterone but that's not working so well and this and that and then Tait starts going like, talking about this bullet proof coffee, and this butter he puts in coffee, talking about Mark Sison and Robb wolf and I remember you texted me a couple pictures of their books and you talked to me for 45-minutes. We’re just sitting at the lobby.

Man 1: There's nobody left at the audition. Where on an empty huge hanger and we're just sitting talking for an hour after.

Man 2: Yeah. It was really cool. So, I left and you know like I'll give it a try. I won't get into much—I’m getting a little windy right now but, like man! when I first start doing it like,

[Inaudible0:14:56.2] give this a try like in your mind and that’s what everybody's the same ways like what I'm going to eat a full of grass fed T-bone for dinner and some cauliflower with a stick of butter in it. [Laughing] okay like- I'm going to give it a try like I never ate fight. Cause when you’re counting calorie that's what I did. I got my degree in exercise science from the Mexico highlands. And you figure out your resting metabolic rate and how much calories are burned every day. And that’s how much you'll workout. You add X amount of calories on top of it and oh my god. That's prison man. So anyway, every morning I step on that scale and be like hold my breathe cause that's back then [Inaudible 0:15:39.5] everyday because I got to control my weight because I didn't know how to eat back then. I thought I did. So I stepped on the scale and look down and alright here it goes. Wait a minute it didn’t move at all. Next day [breathing]. I don't understand I lost a pound. All that food I ate last night. And then the next day, lose another pound. I ate so much chocolate yesterday I don't understand.

Man 1: And what about your performance?

Man 2: The performance came up later. I think tait was annoyed with me like this is like a few months later like I'm working out a little least I've ever worked out since my fighting career began. Never taped man. I just showed to Jackson. I sparred. I had probably the best day of sparring I've ever had. I grappled. Hadn't even been working out. And I grapple and I beat everybody like this is crazy man. And it was just a -- what a life changing thing man. So, that was my life changing experience that's what got me on the road to this paleo primal lifestyle but- Tait how did you get started?

Man 1: So yeah. I don't know man that's a lot. Thanks. That was just crucial like when-- I've been my own experiment right. I've been like forever like-- sometimes to not very good ends but lately better. The first thing I started doing nutrition, I looked at a book called the "zone diet". The zone diet was a thing that cross fit had really pushed out. This was midway through, I guess, my fight career. I'd get into-- it's a pain in the ass. It's like measure your food, measure all your macro nutrients. Eat them in this magical array and it takes into no account of the quality of food, where your food comes from or anything like that. It was just solely looking at macro nutrients right? Macro nutrients-- to back up-- is just carbohydrates, fat, proteins right. Everything is in one of those three things. Whatever you’re looking at, that is a carbohydrates a fat or a protein in your body, treat you as such your body is indiscriminate [Inaudible 0:17:50.6] acid. And that's just how it sees it. It doesn't care what your intention is when you eat. It doesn't care or any of that. It's going to have a response based on what those nutrients are right? And I was--I had a nutritionist- I mean everybody does. Everybody’s got a nutritionist, dietician basically what that means to me is that you think that you know what you’re saying and it's frightening. Because every one of those people that I’ve ever met has such backwards information like archaic information really. The FDA doesn't have my best interest in mine I don't believe. I don't want to get into a poly rant here about any of that but I've got to look at that and I've got to speak to that because there's doctors that are sentencing people to death. There's doctor that are saying; oh no you can't do this because this is dangerous. And that speaks into a cholesterol levels which I’ll go into a little bit yeah.

Man 2: Before you go, you bring up a good point like you talk about dietician and that's not what we're here to do. Where not here to---

Man 1: I'm not one. [Laughing]

Man 2: This is just our path and our journey on what we found, discovered and what rocked our world recently.

Man 1: Yeah. So, I started doing that and like anything else I was like if it has any efficacy it's going to be that I’d it a hundred percent. I'm going to really need to throw myself into it. If I kind of do it, 90 percent I don't have an experience to that thing. I learned that later in life that I just have to throw myself into it and avail myself to the process. And so I did that with the zone diet had some results. It’s okay whatever. But I'd still have that up and down. I'm a depressive person by nature. I'd have ups and downs all day long emotionally. And my performance like I’d drink this stuff called endurox which is like basically-- everybody knows-- it's like sugar. It's like basically really nice cool aid. It's a fancy cool aid that they've got a guy with a big muscle on the front to say that it's not cool aid. It's for health right? If you can get the right picture the guy on your product, you’re golden. And everybody I knew at the gym, say the same thing. And then my nutritionist was- either a bowl of oatmeal, have some bananas with that in the morning, have some green salad and maybe a couple had boiled eggs and go train. And so I'd do that and i would be crashed out. We'd train pretty hard for a couple of hours.

Man 2: You'd probably nap before you train right?

Man 1: You know I had get in the car and I'd drive right. So, at that time I'm living at Santa Fe I'm training at Albuquerque and I’d commute every day. Sometimes twice a day or sometimes I'd stayed down there if I could nap over at Isaac’s house or something like that. But that's what I would need to do. I'd go and I'd eat and I'd train and then I'd eat and then id nap and then id train and then I’d go home and then id sleep.

Man 2: If you got to nap at 8am there's something wrong.

Man 1: [laughing] and so the dude suggested he says: well you know you have a bowl of oatmeal and then you have a banana you have a glass of orange juice you got a couple of eggs. So basically you had a bowl of sugar with some sugar on it with a glass of sugar and you had a little bit of protein. And that's the way your stomach is viewing this. So that's what happened. So every time that I'd eat that, my pancreas secretes insulin for every carbohydrate gram that I eat. And my blood sugar is-- that's how I'm fueling myself is of blood sugar all exogenous all from outside my body is what I need to keep fueling. So I need to eat every 2 hours and every doctor says that too. Hey, eat small meals 4-5 times a day right everybody hears that. And then I never question whether that was true or not cause all these people that had PhD where saying that. And so anyway I'd follow that for a while. I thought that was a hundred percent right. Then I met a guy named Robb WolfWho is one of my biggest mentor today and he's a super nerd. he's a sports nerd he's like a super athlete that is bio chemist and he's just a bad dude and he's real bright and he's got a lot of-- he started of a vegetarian and he got real sick with it and so he became not a vegetarian and he started looking into Paleolithic eating by one of his teachers- this guy Loren Cordain. And Rob wrote a great book called the paleo solution which really speaks to that a lot. And so then I ate paleo for 2-months straight solid. That’s the first time I'd cut grain out of my life. At that time I got a job in L.A. I was back and forth. I got a job on a movie-- Jonah hex and was taken. I had acid reflux so bad that i had to get my throat scope which was super unpleasant. And I came to while they had this big steel cord down my throat which was unpleasant for everybody in the room. then they put me out again and all that and they said: you got scar and you got esophageal scarring and one of my dad's friend had just died from esophageal scaring that turned into cancer and that was a wrap. So I started taking nexium cause all the over the counter stuff wasn't working anymore. So I left for the show and it was like 10-days turned into and I just started eating paleo maybe 2 or 3 weeks before that which is just a really clean diet just meat, vegetables, fruits. I ate a ton of fruit cause I was still real sugar heavy. I was a sugar burner. I needed that to get by and I need it to get it through right? So that was part of my evolution. I didn't notice till I got back and I got to my counter at my house here and I go [deep inhale] and that bottle of nexium was there and I trip and I was like oh my God! And I'd take 2. I hadn't had any occurrence I couldn't sleep I had to sleep sitting up. If I drink water it would come up like all that in the night. I was tortured by this. And I hadn't had 1 occurrence of it. And I took this stuff cause that's how scared I was of all the-- but I hadn't thought of it at all. It doesn't occur for me anymore. It hasn't occurred for years for me. And that was the first thing. I'm like the FDA just wants to give me drugs. They don't want to talk about food. they're selling wheat futures, they're selling soy futures, they don't want to teach me-- so then I started looking at the pharmaceutical companies all want to look at-- you're in a bad spot-- so you'd come broken. And so we have a pill that's going to put you back to health. Whether they're going to give me something that's a leptin inhibitor, whether they're going to do a lap-band on me. There some kind of something they have to fix me instead if I come from complete wholeness and wellness and how can I eat myself and nurture myself back into wellness. And so that's kind of what my journeys been a little bit.

Man 2: Should we explain a little bit what paleo is like. How many guys here like are familiar with paleo trying to eat yourself and-- most everybody here.

Man 1: Are there any questions about it? About a paleo diet or what that looks like or--

Man 2: Or what does it even mean.

Man 1: Yeah go ahead.

Man 2: I guess a good way to start is with our archeological record. We evolve from human beings for millions of years. The modern human they say is 200,000-years 150,000-year-old. And we evolve eating a certain way living a certain way in a about 10 thousand years ago they have an archeological record and that all of the sudden like we got really sick. Our life expectancy is short- shortened. They say- I've heard we lost a few inches of height. They look at our teeth, our bones are more messed up. Just from that they can tell we got sickle-- 10 thousand years ago was the agricultural revolution and people started farming and growing their own grains and all that and bringing this stuff into their diet that they've never done before and I guess that's what paleo is really is. It's like going back to [Inaudible 0:25:38.6] time like what did we live like and what do we evolve eating like and what did we do before that period that made so much more healthy. And so all the paleo guy-- and that's what I do. I think to myself all the time, in life whether it's eating, whether it's day-to-day stuff. That’s my little slogan. I'd go what would grock do right now. A Paleolithic man wasn't as stressed out all the time he would go and chase like-- and hunt down and catch huge game and go on fast on this saturated fat and this good food and then he would fast for a little while waiting for his next meal. There’s a lot more than that too..

Man 1: And a huge aspect to that too is that we weren’t assaulted by cortisol levels that's all the time right? Like right now all day long we 've got different stressors whether it's paying your light bill or what the kids are doing or how your girlfriend’s behaving or whatever the thing is. Whatever it is that goes on, you got this -- the guy in front of you driving and--- [imitating engine sound] all the time right. And when I’m [fed and fat?] and I'm sitting and I'm like, cool I feel good do you feel good? Cool we're here we got a mammoth we just killed. And it's like-- and what they say is that they just kicked it a lot and that -- you'd take care of your business and then if a tiger came up or something- Yeah boom full alert. Like full cortisol level where you need it but not to where your own hormones- cortisol’s or hormone is robbing you and killing you and stressing you. It's creating a lesions in your arterial walls in your heart and it's causing a lot of emotional stress you know. So it was all bad aspect to it to.

Man 2: So that's a 2 means where you'd go right? Is what with the chronic inflammation, the stressors and all that. And how the grains actually work as a-- it's a poison we taken into our body we actually are talking about it yesterday. It actually leaks through your gut. Either a lot of people heard of a leaky gut syndrome. A lot of people have that but I think everybody, and that's what you’re saying I agree with you, like everybody from one-- at least have a little bit or a lot has leaky gut. If you’re eating grains--

Man 1: There might be a spectrum but we all fall in their somewhere you know what I mean? It's kind of like when people talk about a sexuality spectrum. There’s homo and there's hetero and there's very few people all the way here. very few people all the way here-- very few people everybody-- it's like with that kind of thing with whatever I’ll health whatever is going to rob your organism. It’s like that with wheat or grains like- not all grains but like especially in wheat or anything with gluten in it. Like we had a big talk about lectin yesterday and lectin is an important thing to know about if you don't.

Man 2: Lectin does it-- is it lodges itself in your intestine as your digesting. It kind of protects the grain from digested and it lodges itself in. and what it does it works as anti-nutrient. It's stops you form absorbing from absorbing other nutrients. So your starving yourself from nutrients when you eat this wheat or most grains. All grains are a different level but-- stops you from absorbing nutrients at the same time it stops you from absorbing other food. Like a lot of people would say: oh i can’t eat red meat I’ll get bloated. A lot of people say I can’t eat red meat and I’ll get bloated. It's not the red meat that's doing it, it's the lectin and the grains and the wheat that you had with that red meat that's stopping you from digesting everything else. That’s why IBS like a lot of people are like get that resolve when they go paleo. [Inaudible 0:29:13.3] challenge like one thing that's a lot of people notice right away is that I'm not bloated anymore.

Man 1: Well there’s a great book out there called wheat valley or at wheatvalley.com. There’s a guy that kind of specializes in creating a real tight outlook about what it is that wheat does for you and why it's bad for you but this is the thing is that when Keith’s said that it creates a protective layer-- that grain is always fighting to survive just like every other biological output right? Like anything that's biological is looking to go on progress and strive to pro-create. The same with that-- even if it's in your guts-- and so what does that too is it cause a little pin free holes in your gut or a walls, leaks. so regardless of you have IBS or not like which is on the one end of the spectrum, your still in the low level of sickness and that's what I found after I went of grains for a month and then I reintroduce him and I kind of got the flu a little bit is what I've felt like. That’s just a coincidence you know. we did it in like a-- I mean there was a few of us like Nate heather and I went out and we had pizza and then I went back and I went clean again for a month and then I got sick again and I was like God damn! So I was sick my whole life and I never even knew I was sick. It's that [concedious?] in that way right. So i didn’t know what I didn't know. I had no idea that I was in ill health until I took all that stuff away and reintroduce them I go, oh my God I had no idea how bad I felt it’s like with a lot of stuff-- I just don't know until I know you know?

Man 2: And that's the thing that become my motto of lately is --like-- how bad does you use to feel before like-- once you realize how bad you did feel and like you’re sick while I was fighting. I didn't know I was sick. I thought like this is the way it is. But now I feel better. I feel a little a bit better no. Your obsess with—I can feel this much better

Man 1: And it's also an ego blast. It's also an ego blast it's like I’m a soldier out there. That's what I do I scrap for a living. And so you feel like-- yeah so i feel a little bad you know. It's a little bit of its own sickness in a way of what we're you feel like. I'm supposed to feel horrible but I just asked anybody that competes at those level or that feels that bad or even if you’re sitting like how I am now. I just want to feel as good as I can until I die. You got to consider all those things aren't necessary. Life doesn’t need to be that kind of a struggle. And so that's what my diet's become to. I'm not a strict paleo eater right now. I heard a talk from another guy that really formed my life. and to my next evolution kind of his name is Mark Sison if your writing all this stuff down it's like robb wolf robb is robbwolf.com oh is it up here? there's what? I'm not good with the spelling and then Mark Sison place is called marksdailyapple.com. He writes a great little blog out there too. another guy that I like a lot is bulletproofexact.com is another one that's a guy name Dave Asprey but what I learned from mark is he's just so open and gracious and generous in the way he would speak of things and he didn't admonish to do one thing or another this or that but what he'd said was that, you just want to maybe look at these different things as maybe-- is that true have you tried it that way a long time? Maybe you want to try a different way. And he’s the first guy that I heard talk about sugar burners and fat burners which everyone of us falls into one or the other category. and so what that means-- what I’d heard mark say and I hope i can do a justice is that my body burns either of blood glucose from sugars that are coming in to my body or it burns of off fat so that's exogenously; coming from outside of my body that I take in right? And that's how my body treats it. So if I’m eating a bunch of carbohydrates and by a bunch i mean more than 150 grams of carbohydrates a day and when you go out from here and you’re looking at this, you're going to have to learn like what does a gram of carbohydrate look like. If I eat a bowl full of steam broccoli smothered in coconut oil and butter, that looks like a third of a sneakers bar. They’re equitable in that way right? I need to know what all these different foods are how do they affect my gut right? Because I want to keep my carbohydrate load underneath a 150 grams a day. Most times 5,0 to 7 -days a week I tried to. That’s why it’s important to me. to go in and bastardized mark science is that once that sugar runs on to my blood and it can only hold so much I get hypoglycemic I fall out I need a nap I need to refuel I need endurox whatever the thing is. And I’m irritable my moods are crazy up and down. I’m zone on paleo when I was eating in a whole bunch of fruit like i ate fruit just so I could get over the hump of not eating grains you know what i mean? So I’m eating apples and almond butter, that was a great way. and I'm not saying don't do that, I'm saying that's a great stepping stone to get to where you want to be. So that's what i did. And then I found that wasn't cutting it anymore. Sweet potato fries- i was like awesome! You can have those? That’s legal? All right we're going to eat those. And I can dip them in mayonnaise? Even better. But the fact is that-- for now for me that's a treat. It's not a staple of my diet you know what i mean? So what use to be like-- this is a staple food for me, now is like- I’ll eat that some times. And so the roads gotten narrower for me in that way. And so back to blood sugar. Go ahead.

Man 2: It's just getting off that roller coaster. I have a gym in Albuquerque. This is what I try to preach over there i see people coming in the door and doing that where they-- sometimes they think the workout wasn't even long enough or hard enough. cause they're on that roller coaster where you got to burn off all that glucose and the blood that you ate that day so you can maintain your body image like-- and the thing is when you’re doing that you might lose a couple of pound for a week or so cause your killing yourself with cardio and maybe cut back on your diet a little bit but it's not sustainable.

Man 1: I want to say that I don't even know what cardio is.

Man 2: Exactly

Man 1: I hate that word. I have no idea what you mean. I know what you think you mean but i don't know what that is.

Man 2: Exactly Exactly. Getting off that roller coaster like-- we're talking about insulin and all that, I had to be that way when I was an athlete every 2 and half hours. And if I didn't eat I’m cranky. I’m in a bad mood I’m going to road rage, I’m going to punch somebody next in the car next to me and anyways.

Man 1: And nobody wants that.

Man 2: [chuckles] so every 2 and a half hour I would panic-- Jodi is here, she's here my fiancée.

Man 1: Hi Jodi.

Man 2: Hi Jodi. And she see me panic a few times on that. and because your brain is used using that glucose for energy and it's like the easiest form of energy for your brain it's like-- I don't even care about using this fat anymore I got this easy sugar that I'm using for energy. So your brain just get spoiled that way and every 2 hours it needed that shot of energy and then there's no way that when you don't have that carve in. It doesn’t' know how to go to ketosis doesn't know how to go to fat for energy you got to train it that way. Cause it's lazy. Your brain is lazy right now if you’re eating carbs all the time.

Man 1: And your body. You train your body to burn sugar or you train it to burn fat right? And by fat I don’t mean fat like off your body. I'm talking about fat the macro nutrient and I want to make that distinction too. Fat the macro nutrient versus adipose tissue. And it gets a bad name because we sloppily call it the same thing. And it's not the same thing and it’s not at all. I can’t say that enough.

Man 2: Eating fat makes you skinny? What? Fat makes you skinny?

Man 1: And I use to cut out all the fat. If it was fat free, boom I’m in there. You know what's awesome? Is when big marketing started looking at fat free stuff and they go-- look at that sneakers bar fat free. You can go on and get gobstoppers or you can get all the candy at Walgreens right now it all says fat-free on it. It's awesome right? So that's healthy right? It’s kind of like the way organic is right now if it says organic that means something. To me it means you’re a fantastic marketer thank you very much I've done more research than that. You know it doesn’t mean much. It can, but that name is a marketing tool, doesn’t mean much in itself to me. And so going back, I'm a sugar burner I need to eat that much I need to have that all the time. What happens with cells-- they're just like rats or they're like us or they're like that wheat that want to re-creates itself just like people in the trailer park or whatever. But Phil have12 or 15 kids your cells won’t if they don't have food. Your cells won't split unless they have access of food. Where in the trailer park they're fine. They don't give a shit. But what they need is a lot of sugar around. So if there's a bunch of sugar around boom they split rapidly. And what happens is everything-- all the bad stuff that attaches to it all the free radicals and everything that's floating around your body that attaches to your cells, sloughs off becomes part of your holistic system again. So now you have that. Your welcome. And your cells split pre-maturely which is also leads to a lot of different things of Hyperinsulinemia and cancer hasten with that. the more your cells splits the more rapidly aging occurs wrinkles skin the list goes on and on and on right? So the slower that I can retard that process that the better for me as a whole unit here. And your cells aren't different the micro chasm isn't different than a macro chasm here. And so when that's happening and they're splitting it all the time, awesome! What also isn't happening is my adipose tissue is never being taken into consideration by my body because my body never needs it. It's treated me like I’m a punk. I’m going to eat every 2-hours or else I’m going to get crabby or sleepy or whatever. So I take care of myself like that right? Which is deleterious to my whole body. And there's dietician and nutritionist doctors out there all of them saying eat 5 meals a day. I know that women crosfitters eat maybe twice as much as I do. It looks crazy but I see it all over the place. High level athletes like I don't need to have .75 grams of protein for my body. I'm as big as I am it’s not like I’m getting twice as big or something. I’m going to be this size you know what i mean? So I’m not growing in a way. All I’m doing is getting nutrition for myself. So then that goes in to a fat burner and then-- this is long winded and I’ll shut up and you can hear Keith’s voice a little bit. So why it's important that to eat fat. What happens is like going back to Paleolithic time. You know if we've killed that mammoth we kick back we got no cortisol boom then we're spurred on and we got it going maybe there's a few days and we need to eat again. It takes about 4 days for that mechanism to switch to start taking adipose tissues energy so that we don't die. You can live for a month without eating maybe. It’s not comfortable but your body will eat itself for that long right? but that's uncomfortable time period but if I’m always eating sugar-- if I’m a sugar burner all the time, I train myself to be that. I never ever tap into my adipose tissue storage and I'm always trying to do cardio, and I’m always trying to kill myself at the gym and let's go for a run. And I know a guy that would take ibuprofen 8 or 10 a day, Isaac, [chuckles] and because he would hate himself as an eater so much that his stomach would bleed. but like we get into this crazy cycles I don't know if you've ever been a room full of wrestlers but you never seen more six pack with guys going; I'm so fat. It’s ridiculous. [chuckles] there's a whole another kind of problem going on but-- so then the fat I switch and I'd go okay I’m going to try this mark I’m going to try to eat fat. I said what do I do for cravings? He says-- and I bought a can of it-- he said use artisana is a great little label they make coconut oil and coconut butters. I'd get artisana coconut butter and I’d take a spoonful and eat it. completely sated. If I wasn't i was really hungry I was in a mood-- I’ll eat when I’m in a mood trust me, I'll take another scoop and I’ll eat it and I’ll be like it's satisfying. Cause fat has a satein hormone like in glucogon is in proteins and fat and it'll sate that desire right? it'll sate that like--lectin or which is different than lectin that is going to drive you to be hungry. so that's what happened and that’s got me through that the way fruit did when i first go to paleo. so then i go-- okay I’m going to get my carbs on I’m going to try to get to my ketogenic state. when you’re on ketosis, you'll start producing ketone you can mark-- you can pee on strips. there's different ways to mark it and find out basically the gist of it is I want to keep my carbs under a hundred and fifty a day and I want to stay there. If I do that for 4-days it’s going to simulate that same starvation that grock that we're talking about earlier Paleolithic man is experiencing when he's looking for his next meal. but I’m eating fat and I’m eating steak and I’m eating broccoli because I’ll tell you a bush little broccoli does not-- and I like to go to the movies and I’m going to eat popcorn. I’m not trying-- this a religion right? I’m trying to make it easy. A large thing of popcorn, awesome! 90 grams of carbohydrates I’m in. all i do is I eat just fat and meat or whatever all day and I’m fine. That would be like a treat for me you know what i mean? other than that I’m eating broccoli and I’m eating small pieces of meat and what I’ve notice is the more fat I’m eating, the less I’m eating as far as volume. I’m not eating a ton. Nobody ever gone and gone-- had a couple of pork chops and then like [exhales deeply] just got to get me some more pork chops and maybe I’ll have those sausages too. And they'd go to the grocery store and buy some more bacon. but you see that all the time with triscuits and Cheetos and Doritos and people run out of that snack food and there use to eating that-- they will eat bags of that shit right? And so I wasn't experiencing that anymore and I was like God this is a freedom. And that was-- the thing is I had a happiness and vitality and then what I notice to, I was all day long, and I was steady. I wasn't a subject of my emotional state anymore. And I thought God that's got something to do with the other. the other thing is and I'll close with this is that cellularly when I’m a fat burner and I’m just utilizing fat-- I’d drink what we call bulletproof coffee Dave Asprey made popular on bulletproofexec.com you can read all about it- find out about what-- we'll talk about it more. But I’m not calorically empty if i don't eat food all day. Id drink fat and coconut oil in my coffee and the fat being from grass fed butter. I’m really careful and particular about where I get my meats and my butter and what I ingest in my body. so I’m not calorically deficient but I’ve drink in that and the minute all my fat stores exogenously then endogenously my adipose tissue takes over and my body will start burning that. And so what I found too-- I’ll go under this after that. so the cell is hungry and so it eats everything and it’s like; I’m not splitting cause there’s still free radicals on me and it'll cannibalize itself before it splits it will prolong that state that I’m looking for. And that goes to into a whole bunch of other reasons and there's a bunch of that you can look towards that if you want. Anyway, to Keith.

Man 2: Right now where do we go tait like-- we talked about-- we'd barely touch on inflammation we kind of start talking about insulin right now like i don't want to get more science or like--

Man 1: Yeah do you guys want questions or--

Man 2: Questions or-- about-- one more thing in like what he was talking about right now and why the brain is like that and why it needs that sugar for energy. First of all sugar works on you opioids receptors and you get very addicted to it. And what happens is like cocaine like, I think if it came out today it would be like a regulated drug like if sugar came out the market today- like people would research it and be like, whoa we can’t just have this out on the streets

Man 1: Yeah it's a crazy thing though. It’s like they do that with cigarette right. I mean they can put skulls and crossbones it's going to make your baby have half a face, people like, that'll be fine you know what i mean? We’d make choices for ourselves and like that goes into that other thing that addictive process inside me. Why would I make choices for myself that are going to ruin my future self. Why would i make my future self-life harder by the choices i make and just by being sloppy today when i could just clean up a few things.

Man 2: I got something for you. On the road out here I was listening to a pod cast with a wheat belly guy. And he made a really good point about how backwards nutritionist are. You know nutritionist-- and people are telling us either certain way. But this is how backwards they are. They think well white bread is really bad for you there's a lot of proven thing about white bread it leads to cancer and lot of other ailments. And it's proven if you just switch from white bread to whole grain bread like you’ll have less occurrence of cancer and such. And your inflammation will be slightly less. So then we'll go to promote everybody eat whole grains and whole bread all the time and you’re going to be super healthy. Whole grain bread every day. And i came to think, you just made me think about that like, well unfiltered cigarette are really bad for you the poison is going to kill you.

Man 1: Throw a filter on there.

Man 2: Put a filter on their everybody do that it's all good for you. And that's what--

Man 1: And it'll use to get marketed before it came out. You look at those old advertisements for it. It’s like they marketed that as like-- healthy stress reliever you know what i mean? And it's-- I smoked for a 10 or 12 years long time huh mama? This is my mom in the back. It’s a great drug. It’s awesome because if you’re feeling too excited it'll mellow you out. If you’re feeling a little depress it'll pick you up.

Man 2: It's not going to last long.

Man 1: No. and there’s a down side I think.

Man 2: And that's what--[chuckles] downside. Chronic inflammation by the way is common to every disease that we don't want to get. We don't want to get cancer, we don’t want to get heart disease we don’t want to get osteoporosis, arthritis everything inflammation is behind there. Systematic inflammation comes from having leaky gut. When that pathogen-- that lectin leaks through my gut like we're talking about. When we eat grains. It’s in our blood floating around so our immune system has to attach that and our inflammation rises because of that. We become systematically our whole body becomes inflame. Same thing when we workout too hard. we keep the aggression all over the place-- think about if your leaking in your gut and say 20% of your immune system every day is attacking this pathogen that you’re eating everyday so you got full on leaky gut- say 80%. So that means you got 20% left to deal with allergies to deal with with cancer to deal with everything else that your body needs to fight off.

Man 1: And that's the same thing that i think--like I say an aging athlete that i go and I look at myself and I go, I guy put it and he says, say you got 10 points in the bank when you wake up- if you crush a workout the way you did like your 25 or 30, and that takes 8 points right now but before it only took 4. You going to need to recover right? And I never thought about that I was just always like Keith-- I would look to Keith and i would formulate my life after that. It’s like one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. I was like, if just had a work ethic like he does and i just drive like that and we just go like-- that's how kind of how we all learn. It’s like we're just going to work as hard as we can and that's going to give us a good result right? I mean-- like that was the promise man! And maybe it is if I’m 24. And maybe that's true for a while. I saw a lot of fighters come and go with that. There’s some great guy that never really did a lot of cardio. That didn’t do a whole lot of endurance training right? They didn’t do a whole lot of like-- there wouldn’t be sprint intervals they wouldn’t really work hard in the gym, they wouldn’t do circles. But they had endurance like crazy

Man 2: Oh get mad!

Man 1: Cause they're 24. I started my first pro fight i think i was 33. I mean that's aged. Right now you’ve got guys that are 19 that are 22 that are smashing it. I think Jon Jones is 25 or 26 right now. He’s a world champion. maybe he was that way when he was 23 or 24 I mean it’s a crazy evolution that I’m saying is happening but like I didn’t look at that and so now I look at it and i go, maybe i don't go into a 30 minute crossfit Wod the same way that i would as i did 5 years ago with it. I need to let myself recover or tomorrow’s going to be different for me that in was before you know. And so, looking at things like that too.

Man 2: [Inaudible 0:50:50.6] next time. Hey i want to get into--

Man 1: I'm sorry does it seems like we're all over the place.

Man 2: Yeah Yeah.


Man 1: The question is, is diet soda like a filtered cigarette?

Man 2: I think it might be the unfiltered. [Chuckles]

Man 1: Yeah men. It depends. So then my question is-- I might cry with the answer. So is dealing with sugar and the insulin response it’s going to happen. Like people said, oh Mexican cokes those are good cause it's real sugar and there's not a whole lot of different additives in it right? It’s a pure form right? And then diet soda, that's what i drank for years. Diet coke, I like a lot you know. But they all have aspertame in them they have stuff it's like-- it is like the cigarette man. Because it's like-- we know that- that causes cancer. We know. This isn’t something that is like, i think it may. We know that what is in diet soda gives us cancer.


Man 1: I'm not sure. But all those ingredients if you look them up they are all carcinogens compound that we drink in copious amount. And there's a lot of stuff out there. So I’m going for either insulin response I’m going for type 2 diabetes over here with the real coke or I’m going for cancer over here. So make your choice. It becomes like that and that becomes my choice and where the cheers come in is a woman that help raise me from forever. She use to drink-- it was the first cola, and my mama too loved it. It was tab cola-- it was called. But I heard it was taken off the shelves for a while- it was taken off the shelves And Mrs Bauer bought cases of it like cases line her garage with it. And I drink splenda. Like when splenda come out I don't give a shit that Donald Rumsfeld eventhough he's an evil son of a bitch, it's delicious.


Man 1: And I’m not drinking sugar right? When it came in i was like when's Starbucks going to catch up and put this in-- and then they did, and i was like success corporate success. And i was like brain lesions in mice? Whatever that's down the road and will make jokes all the time. And I got to spend some time with Mrs. Bauer who got diagnose with cancer like in January or something just last year. And has been undergone a bunch of chemo's and she's going to die way before she would've if she didn’t drink diet soda. And so I’m looking at that and I’m going that's your splenda and that's no time at all. That’s like brain lesions down the road ha ha. And this woman’s going to die and she's going to die as a direct cause for what I believe is to diet soda. Nobody’s going to say that there's not going to be a doctor--nobody's going to say that. Nobody wants a class action lawsuit like that. But that's what we're up against is that you've got a whole industry that's out there that is feeding you stuff that's going to kill you. And you’re going to take it without any kind of fight. You’ll be like, ohh i just love that stuff though. So i hope that answers your question.

[Audience asking] [0:54:14.3inaudible]

Man 2: I'm having fun with this so, I guess I’m (filing my) life challenge. My gym's in a whole life challenge right now. And people aren’t allowed to have a lot of sugar and grains in their diet. and people are like [Inaudible 0:54:37.4] and having trouble at work and all that and like getting in through that-- it’s basically a drug and if you’re really on that much sugar, you’re going to have to go through widrawals probably. It's not going to take that long. I say just stick it out for a week is how [I try to turn away?] two weeks at the most just take it out. But the other side of that is so awesome. like mention it before like-- once your using fat for energy-- like it’s one of the most freeing things in the world not just to be dependent on your food every 2 hours. Yesterday i ate my first meal 6 o'clock. I didn’t eat all day till 6 o'clock. I was busy at the studio and whatever

Man 1: How many workouts did you do?

Man 2: I did a yoga class but 2 days before that, I fast the whole day without eating anything and I worked out twice. Back in the day i would think, I can’t do that i don’t want to catabolism myself.

Man 1: Catabolize it means that you’re going to eat your own muscles like you’re going to breakdown right?

Man 2: I work really hard yeah. If I don’t have 25 grams of protein in every 2 hours, I’m going to lose all these muscle I try to put on. You’re talking about getting off the sugar cravings-- I’ll tell you why you’re craving sugar. Your brain is using that sugar for fuel and that’s and easy source of fuel and it's fat and[happy?] up there like i don’t have to work to get my energy or i don’t know how it works I’m not a scientist but what happens is once your sugar level or you blood sugar is elevated, your pancreas-- you hear us talk about insulin a few times, releases a whole bunch of insulin and what that does it switch to all [through your button blood and transport your sugar and it's going to transport right away and it regulate your sugar and if you work out a lot and your still insulin receptive. It might take some to your muscle but it's probably going to store a lot of it as fat. Anyways, so your insulin’s get release it squeeze up all up all your sugar and takes it and stores it. Now your brains like wait a minute i don't have any energy i don’t know where to turn for energy so you start panicking. I need food, I need food right now. Yeah that's a roller coaster. I got to get my sugar again and get high again. So for the first week it could be, if you’re eating a lot of sugar, it could be pretty hard. But then what tait reminded me of one trick that i use for the first couple of weeks is almond butter. Almond butter is not the greatest fat for you its high in omega 6 and all that. but that’s a great crutch to get you into a paleo lifestyle just having that little-- cause your use to taking

[Inaudible 0:57:14.6] hand me that little bit of almond butter hand me a little bit of piece of dark chocolate which is a way better fat for you. Hand me those little crutches throughout the day that are high fat really low sugar will help you get you through that week. Macadamia nuts are great. And things like that and I try to get everybody a half snack. Someone told me yesterday, again i was reading a blog and he's like, really hard day, was low on energy i was having the cravings and I went to lunch, a business lunch. And there was nothing in the menu to choose from so I have a little bit of salad and a plain chicken breast. And that just sound likes death to me. I don't want to eat that.

Man 1: There's no choice at all? [Laughing]

Man 2: There's no choice at all. Like right away I just keep those little things in handy in case you have to do it. but most freeing thing is, I can fast I don’t have to eat out there i may have my bullet proof coffee or not and I’ll eat whenever i want to. And it's not like-- people say fast and I want to get in here somewhere and start the benefits of fasting. Intermittent fasting for a short periods, longer fasting for long periods. And like-- that's a horrible thing to tell somebody, there's a saying about starting a diet like I’m going to have to fast. But on the other side-- are freeing thing like you don’t have to fast. Me and tait we're talking yesterday and guess it's a fun thing like--

Man 1: And we're idiots too. Like you got to understand like when we're experimenting on our own shit it’s like, let’s see what happen. but like-- then it becomes the best information ever and then we have different conversation and friends start doing stuff you know like, God everybody's having a similar reaction to this and everybody is feeling better and looking better it just becomes a great thing but that fasting conversation yesterday is like, I don't know if it was you there's a bunch of people and I don’t get to see Keith the whole bunch but like there's a bunch of people-- they were going to go and get something to eat right? I never feel like I need to eat but if some friends are going to eat man, I’d like to go and sit with them. It’s like a social thing its nice you know. But i told myself just in my head just to myself; today is a good day I’m going to fast today. I didn’t know i was going to invited to lunch later and i was like, and then i just keep to that-- and I told myself that so that's the hard thing is when i tell myself and then that happens.

Male 2: That's tait athletic background like. that is like if you-- alright we're going to go run 8 hills and we get there now we're only go do is 6 we'll i heard 8 so got to run 8.

Man 1: Yeah it's such a stupid thing.

Man 2: It's his OCD he has in his head like-- and that the thing about paleo is learning-- and that's the big thing about paleo.

Man 1: And that's the big thing about paleo most for time for it is like just learning how to listen to your body if you're not dependent on sugar. like the other day I was hungry I don't know I got home and I just gorge myself on whatever, I was hungry like I will get whatever I was going to eat. And some days you know like we're talking about a sneak fast. You just look around and wait a minute it's six o'clock and I haven't eaten yet

Man 2: And it's crazy I have a wicked output that day two like: I banged out two workouts and I've been up since five am and now it's ten at night and you just notice. I haven't eaten. Maybe I'll see how long it can push and then you get up Tuesday and you wake up and you're like, alright maybe three today and then you go and you see I feel like. but like I don't even trip man it's not even like it's not something I'm trying to do. it's like it just occurs and you're like, oh here I am I'm not dependent on this. and then I get people that are maybe not morbidly obese but forty fifty pounds’ overweight, which is crazy to think that we don't think of that as morbidly obese as a side note. but it's like how fat can I get, like people are just like trying to anyway it's not a contest folks. but the thing is they go, God is that healthy to not eat for a day and a half, for two days like I want to forty. and then I go, I don’t know go and look in the mirror and I'm looking at you and I think my answer is self-evident you know what I mean it just becomes like all of the things that I thought were true before weren't. and the other thing I want to mention too especially for athletes and people that are trying to put on size, that they're trying to exact a static look for themselves is the other thing that Mark help me with a lot because forever I've been told and I know everybody's been told that after you do a workout like with big compound movements you do your hardest work. That's when you need your most carbohydrates that day because that's where the glucose is and you depleted all those stores. And they've zapped ATP. in there and that's what the energy transfer is for your muscles to fire for the next time.

Man 1: Transfer your protein in the muscle

Man 2: That's when the cell walls [inaudible 1:02:13] all that stuff right. Okay cool sound I've been doing that for a decade great. and then and then Mark says, when I asked the question, he goes: Yeah he says that's great and he says and if you're a sugar burner. What if you're not dependent on that glucose all the time is one thing to think about. a whole another thing is, what's the result of doing huge compound movements of really incorporate and you know your ass, your legs and your back and your big muscle movers, your big weight movers, what's the result you're looking for doing that. it's not just to break down that tissue I'm looking for a hormonal response and it's the time when your growth hormone and your testosterone in your body is excrete at the most right. Your body goes to repair those things because you've broken your muscles down you've damaged your muscles that's what in the new repair you don't get stronger bigger faster while you're breaking your muscles down you do it in a recovery aspect later which speaks back to the thing if I have a scale of ten points and I use eight for my workout I don't have enough for recovery if I'm a little older. So now you know anyway that's a whole another thing I feel like I'm all over. but the thing is that what food does is it mutes the hormone response. And so if I eat within ninety minutes after my big workout I’ve also nullified all the testosterone growth hormone help that I would be getting from that workout. If that makes sense. I hope I said that clearly. so he says just maybe if you've been trying it this way try it that way. and so then I got into that conversation and I don't know maybe twice in the last year I've eaten heavy right after a workout but mostly I'm not super hungry too and sometimes I want to six or eight hours after a workout and I don't notice any bad debilitating illnesses coming up in my life yes.

Man 1: That's what I think when we get to that.

Man 2: Well, I'm at this level where I just get energy from the air. I don't know if you ever been at the airport when the hard christeners were there but they talk about that a little.

Man 1: Oh we're going to get into that right now

Man 2: Yeah Are there any other questions that we've covered besides. Yeah structures you will if you want to if not we'll just keep going on. Yeah do your thing go ahead. The amount of fats that I eat. Yeah, So the question there's two questions one is well to talk about cholesterol and heart disease with all the fat that we ingest and the second is piggybacks that basically and what a dire look like.

Man 1: I'll lead you into the cholesterol thing with the story we talked about earlier. Jody my fiancé was at a station she's got them all doing bulletproof coffee, bulletproof butter.

Man 2: Because Jodi is a professional athlete and she's also EMT and firefighter and all around actually. Jodi Come on up. Come on what is better for Jodi to sit here over here on this bench on that bench. OK just pull that bunch over.

Man 1: So Jodi's my fiancé I got to say again. she's way over there I'm not afraid of her punching me. she's also a fighter and aspirants don't women medic firefighter, yoga teacher, gym owner. so she was at the fire station she got everyone drinking bulletproof coffee. I guess you know bulletproof coffee it's a way to help you with your fats and help you with the cravings. Everyone getting bullet-proof coffee there's a lot of fat in it releases that leptin. And you can go like two or whatever because your brain is completely satiated it's a good way to train your brain to use that fat for energy. Anyways, she got a whole station on bullet-proof coffee which is coffee with MCT oil in it which is driving coconut oil and butter.

Man 2: How many guys are at the station. You got to get a microphone six or sixteen.

Jodi: There's six guys at the fire station. And fire fighters are a different breed of people.

Man 2: Is it fair to say like firefighters is like if you're talking about first responders and all that they're like the most highly trained and highly coordinated physical specimens as far as in that realm. like I mean you got to be in good shape to be a firefighter, you're in the top condition.

Jodi: Right you're pulling forty-eight hour shifts, everything physically grueling, emotionally grueling. Sometimes you don't sleep that for forty-eight hours sometimes you sleep. You see the firefighters at the grocery store or paying you guys to be at the grocery store, we got to it. Sometimes you're just playing those super long shifts and it's a physically demanding job whether you're pulling people out of the building or you're helping the obese guy that fell in the shower that's three and sixty pounds because he can't get out by himself. We see it every day. It's crazy.

Man 2: And so what happened you're down there you got everybody on bulletproof coffee which is basically a blended nutritional beverage consists of a single origin coffee you would get in talks and free coffee later grass fed butter and coconut oil or MCT oil which is a medium [inaudible 1:08:02] that helps promote energy in consistent levels throughout the day. That's what we're talking about we're speaking about coffee.

Jodi: So the guys are on board they're excited. I come to work. I'm wired I'm excited it's like hey guys we got to try this, maybe okay so we blended up and everybody's just flying high. You know everybody's got these great coffee buzz and we're like, we hope we get a million Carl's and then a fire and then at night and it's forty-eight hours and we're nonstop we're training camps like let's go out through ladders and we're like yeah let's do it. Like you know this energy level is crazy you know and maybe you missed dinner which is so great because before I was on a I got to eat every three hours and I'm training for a fight and now I'm running calls so this guy is having a heart attack and I need to eat lunch because it's been two hours and I'm grumpy you know.

Man 2: You think how serious that is too. If you're in that position and you did miss that meal. And your glucose levels are down and how are you going to perform when you actually have to save a life like. I'm just talking about feeling I'm lazy I don't do much in my life like, I never have to pull a baby out of a burning house. But what happens if you know optimized you know.

Jodi: Right and that was that was that was the cool thing we started to feel this great energy for the whole time it's awesome it's great. So then. It's awesome changing their lives you know as firefighters alone. These guys are taking it home. Now their wives are drinking it they have kids you know it's great things so I go yesterday and introduce a different coffee, a white coffee to the guys and. It’s secret. So I'm introducing it to the station because these guys are on board and like yeah it was just touching base, you guys are still bullet proofing every day and they're saying yes it's great it's awesome. I've lost this amount of weight we're doing great they're very paleo based at that station. And one of the guys is always a little bit up and down with everything about his diet and he's even kind of an emotional guy and it's depressed yes, no, maybe weight is coming up, weight is coming down. and he's like, you know what I just went to the doctor and I got a physical and I'm not doing the bulletproof anymore and I'm not so paleo friendly anymore you know they were they said to stop. The doctor said you're putting what in your coffee. You're putting butter in your coffee and you're eating how much red meat. Absolutely not. No like no you need to stop.

Man 1: That just kills me, the doctors. and like how is this not working for her so far, how is this saturated keep your cholesterol down, how it's not a drugs working for twenty thirty years.

Man 2: And especially when you look at the two main death rates in America cigarette smoking and obesity related illnesses. There are up around five six hundred thousand a piece like that's one of the biggest killers and nobody talks about that.

Jodi: So it was just a little heart-breaking because this guy that was starting his path and maybe he needed a little more time it's that it doesn't happen overnight. it's not just you know what tomorrow I'm going to stop eating meat and I'm not going to eat sugar and I'm not going to eat a drug. So this guy just needed a little bit more time and then he had this this doctor, I am a doctor I went to school I know what I'm talking about, no don't do that that's bad for you.

Man 1: He probably hard the same nutritional class I had in exercise science like what’s that.

Man 2: That's all the information that's out there you know there's like high level health practitioners there is that. The other side of that question for me is that, what I think about cholesterol so I don't know I've been I'm loud right. And so and then people are like, oh what are you doing what are you up to. and then and I tell I'm like I'm excited to tell you about what I'm up to, I'm up to a bunch of stuff. And so then people are like I'd like to try that and so then they start doing that and then it wasn't till like a year later I guess. And I guess my path with it started I was in New Orleans for a job for like three months and I'd started then. and I was even blending the coffee then I was just shaking up in like an [inaudible 1:12: 25] bottle and hot coffee and butter and coconut oil and I drink it that way. and I got a good functional effect from it right as far as mood stabilization plenty of fats all day and it was stated my hunger all that kind of stuff. What I found is that I got maybe as lean as I'd ever been I never tested my body fat but I was super lean. I was like you know like eight pack abs and stride everywhere in the whole thing and I felt great. I didn't feel like I was working towards that my workouts were between five and twelve minutes a day hard but that's all the time I had. I would bang it but that would be it would be just that and not every day maybe five days out of seven a week. when I left I was like, 232 or something like that when I left for the job. 232 pounds and when I came back I felt like I was like getting ready for a fight. I felt like I was moving at a way when I was like halfway through a campaign I was like, I had to be like 219 or something I'm pretty sensitive to my body like I know kind of from how I'm moving what my weight is. so I get back into the top three months three and a half months later I weigh myself and I'm feeling like that like I got to be to 215, 219. I was 237 pounds leaner than I'd ever been and super strong. and so that was my first experience with it that's when I started talking about it. and so then after that and people started to see that they go Jesus Christ you know. And so then after that I go I've got some responsibility, I’m a gym owner and people listen sometimes. And I so I go I better check my blood because questions like that about cholesterol came up and I'm not on unconscious going through my life. and so I go I've got a responsibility to find that out and so I look into it and all my levels are great except that's a red flag that comes up. and other people that I've known that had their blood checked that were paleo that were cross fit athletes. They also had red flags come up on their cholesterol and so this was an occurrence that I was seeing happening in my community. and the first one I saw Lacey Mackey who have got coffee truck, sells bullet-proof coffee in Los Angeles. She was the first one that I saw that had heightened elevations and they said you need to look at this and we need to really talk about this. And then when I look at it I go, Jesus man I don't know I was like 295 or 305 or something like that was my cholesterol level. and I didn't feel alarmed at all and I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop I think the bottom is about to fall out whenever. and I was like I feel great man and I look fine I don't feel like it's issue you know. my dad has a high, he takes statins he does all that shit for himself and he pretends that he's eating healthy, he knows eat healthy, eat pasta every day and he is.

Man 1: And there's a whole thing about there's a lot of books out there on the Great Cholesterol myth. I was going to order that one too. There's a lot of stuff out there and what they're saying what science is really coming to, I don't want to get political here about leptin, static drugs I mean.

Man 2: Here's the truth as we know it, take it for what it is. a couple guys that been hit and had a long time/

Man 1: Exactly. So cholesterol like inflammation is a main precursor to heart disease information and what they say is rubs your artery walls like a sand paper and makes them all rough. And that helps it collect these platelets to make a heart and cause sclerosis. There's a lot of science that the information is what leads to heart disease and not necessarily the cholesterol. I was reading one guy that was saying the static drugs that came out in the late 80’s. What they do is they reduce cholesterol also they do is that they lower inflammation and that's how they have a marginal effect on heart disease, very marginal effect on heart disease and say it's not really because of the cholesterol it's because of the reducing the inflammation. Now what will happen at the same time in the late 80’s is there was an incredible boost in Alzheimer’s disease and Alzheimer’s coincidentally affects a part of the brain that's made up mostly of cholesterol. So we're talking about a billion-dollar industry. And if they came out and said like static drugs aren't good for you, keep your inflammation low by not overexcited, keep your stress down and work on a paleo diet. Then that would just turn everything on said there's a lot of money behind that. I don't get too political but I'm saying what we're saying here guys is just do your own research. That there's a lot of information out there and that's what we're a whole new paradigm with this paleo deal. It's not about nutrition, it’s a lot about nutrition but It’s not just about nutrition, it's about a whole lifestyle when the information age and that's what me and Tait are doing we're online every day googling, twittering, following people that are smarter than ourselves and getting information for them. And it goes through holistic medicine, it goes through diet, it goes through your nutrition, it goes through your fitness, it goes through just your stress level in everyday life. I mean it encompasses everything that's paleo lifestyle and it's all the bottom line is it's keeping your inflammation really low.

Man 2: Yeah. I mean that's the big thing is like when I look at my purpose in life it's like be happy and be useful and how can I make myself the most useful to my community and those around me you know. I think of myself as a global participant you know. I'm a proud American and I love what the country is built on. like a lot of what happens I think we are in a huge corporate takeover in a lot of ways. I don't feel less bad that we're air striking Pakistanis then people that got killed in Boston. Like I don't feel less bad for anybody. I think it's all horrific. Like that's not my stance here today but my thing is with the advent of corporations coming into our lives we have so much misinformation that's out there about these static drugs. as soon as they start selling food I mean on the on the stock market and they're paying people to not grow corn or to grow corn like; as soon as they're playing with all those markets. That's a huge red flag for me to look at personally you know and so I go I go into that with a grain of salt if I'm hearing from Pfizer that X Y or Z. is healthy for me. I've got friends that are on brain medications for different illnesses and then they say, well but how it's going to affect you is going to be different from how it affects you than how it affects you. So just try it out for a while and see you know so here's your antidepressant that may induce suicidal ideation. Should I thought that's what I was trying to avoid you know. but and then if that doesn't work after you survive if you can survive six weeks on it to be your own guinea pig. I'm like they don't know anything. they know nothing about what's going on with my health and so they're trying to induce a foreign object into my health instead of going, hey maybe if you eat healthier, maybe find out what real actual health was and so that's what I'm looking towards. And so that brought me up with the cholesterol thing too I just want to I want to finish up on I've got high cholesterol and I worried not a bit. What I think is that like my family's got a history of Alzheimer's and the like he said there's a lot of studies out there that are linking low cholesterol to Alzheimer's and to dementia. There's not any like [inaudible 1:21:02] Is that a word or I just make that up. there is no collusion between disease and cholesterol… [I wouldn’t even ask, I would have played off like it was and whatever people roll with me but she'll say something]. No and Please back check it. What happened was cholesterol was the first body that they could measure and mark in blood and that's what they started looking at right. And so that was the first measurable thing and heart disease was a huge thing in America not because they're saying eight nine to twelve servings of grains a day at the FDA. could it be that. we need some stats out here in our lives you know I mean we need to make up Johnson more money. so that all became a whole another conversation and so they started going well these two exist in the same thing but I don't know a whole lot but they call that junk science I think and they're not together, they're not conflated. And so if one we don't have causation from cholesterol and in not any case ever of cholesterol to heart disease ever. Yes. [inaudible 1:22:20] Right sure enough…when you just started and you wanted me to accept that as a fact, when you have a lot of cholesterol it builds plaque in your arteries, I would disagree. And what I'm going to say is there's a guy Dr. Patel who's been a great friend of mine and a great help because I did, I was like I want my people to know please, like I want to know if this is bad or what like I don't care I'm hoping a meteor hits me anyway but like for other people that would follow my diet. I would like them to live long healthy lives if they'd like to and so this guy hit me up and he was a he's a cardiologist and like what a stroke of luck that is my whole life is like that and he was a vegetarian. and he’s an expert he's the expert man, he's the guy and he said, I've got a ninety or one hundred cholesterol miserable overweight and I'm a vegetarian. and he says and so I do an ultrasound or whatever and I look at my arterial walls and I can measure him and then and I look at them and then I also see there's like road bumps he said that says what we call plaque deposits in a couple different spots right near my heart. And he says it wasn't till a couple years of feeling awful because we got to feel pretty bad before we want to change our lives. And then he said he went to a paleo diet and then start feeling better, drop his weight, he felt great present throughout his life and he goes, you know what I'm going to check my blood levels again. He checked them again and he was at 310 on his cholesterol levels which is alarming for a cardiologist right. And it may be the only in shape cardiologist it is breathing because those guys aren't the picture of health if you've ever seen any. But he also then went and checked his heart again he says my walls were thinner and all the plaque deposits were gone with an induction of two thirds of greater cholesterol. I don't know anything, that guy's the doctor who you know I mean that gives me a free and clear. I feel good and then there's these other books that I'm excited to read about I'd love to learn whatever it is you come to find out. but for me I don't believe that for me with my pedigree I read a couple of books and I've been hit and I had a whole bunch like I don't have an awesome scientific background you know but I have a curiosity about this stuff and it is my life and so that's what I found in and that I hope that answers and satisfies your questions.

Man 1: I've been circulating this article around, I gave Jodi to give to her station and as Dr. Dwight [inaudible 1:25:12] I had this article is great about how you used to be the cardiac surgeon and he was a chief of staff actually at the heart hospital in Arizona and he has a book called The Great Cholesterol lie and that's what that's all about how everything really stems from information and in rubbing the artery walls all that it's not really from the cholesterol. So that there's something to you can research about.

Man 2: Well I was going to say like there's a lot of stuff that like we've held that true for a long time for over a decade or twenty years now right about cholesterol. I remember back in the early ninety's when I first got like, I remember one time I was doing cholesterol mouth for three days when I was like seventeen, and I was like shit I should eat, I should have something, I should have some nutrition in my life. As I said in the morning I'm drinking a Bud Light. And I was in this apartment I had left my mom loves this story. And so I go in this apartment there wasn't my benefactor's there that were housing me they were ripe with options for food but there was some bread and so I took some bread are some multi-vitamins and I was cool and so I couldn't get that down there's no way and so I balled it up the bread and I chewed a little and swallowed it and I took a couple multi-vitamins and swallowed it with beer and then I did two or three pull ups on the door jam cool man I'm exercising you know then I went sat back down and. So that was the extent of my athleticism at that time in my life. but I remember walking into a GNC and seen, I don’t know if you've ever been in that a General Nutritional Centers they are the big chain that sells all the proteins and this and all that. and what they had then in the amount of that they have protein powder now of all different flavors and varieties and boosted like this and that whatever; instead of that stuff they had carb loading stuff and it was like it was all melted dextrin and stuff it was like huge tubs like take a thousand grams of carbohydrates for your workout to get smoother, like all that stuff and they're really inducing diabetes in everybody. and that was the flavor of the day in the early ninety's and so like when I look at it I go cluster on heart disease or the that's the flavor of the day. and I I'm not saying that I know I'm just saying I got to consider that all the people that are the top level professionals have been so wrong and they have a lot billions and trillions of dollars at stake in keeping that myth going and it might not be true. That's all I'm saying yes…. Right. Yeah just read a little bit today. The question was about do you know about the A and B type of the breakdown of the cholesterol. Right and to further that it's like these are really arbitrary terms of good and bad cholesterol. like those are so subjective, I mean they don't know what's on the bottom of the ocean floor, you know what I mean it's like there's so much we don't know, it's like they're just giving names to stuff. so like I said please do your own research I mean we've given you some ways you can go there to find out more about that and make your own choices and make it based on your body how you're feeling. it's like yes I mean I just speed dope and drink every day since I'm a little kid like for a long time. I'm here right. So I don't say that for any other reason except that I've made some poor health choices in my life and it's not that way right now. do I think that eating paleo or having a high cholesterol level for a couple of years is going to be as deleterious is doing a Hot Shot overdosing maybe not, maybe I want to be right there too? I don't know so and everybody's experience is a little different, maybe that's too much information but it's just like and take it with a grain of salt that's right come from. I'd really like you to do research there and talk about like different levels like you did mention like some stuff that is rich in omega six and like I'd like to go into like what supplements are maybe if you want; like what you take for supplements and in addition to food every day as I was asking about; what you take post workout or what do you take to get ready for a workout or all that kind of stuff what do you do.

Man 1: All I care about post workout it is I make sure I get to get my shot official right. Again it's like again everything we do is dealing with inflammatory workout causes inflammation and that's what I was so worried about and that's why I still in my life is doing with my failed adrenal glands from being an athlete for so long in. And trying to reduce my systemic inflammation. In the big way that will get and the thing. you were asking me about is about what to eat and paleo. there's a lot of stuff going around like the Atkins diet. It's not like the Atkins diet it's similar whereas a lot of animal food and all that. but you really got to pick your food apart. I said you eat 150g of carbs a day that's a lot for most people it takes a really big man. Yeah I don't count my carbs I don’t care about carbs because I'm not eating a lot of fruit, I fruit eat once a while and I get most my carbs from vegetables and chocolate. OK So Atkins and paleo’s you really differentiate your meat. There's Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats, Omega 6 fats are a lot worse for you that are not as good for you as Omega 3’s and that's what we really want to look to and in our diets is work that we get that Omega 3.

Man 2: They need to be the balance and you can go to I think a lot most chiropractors will they can give you a task you can order a task from www.originalnutritionals.com they also supply Fish oil, really high level great fish oil that's in a liquid form that I don't really go anywhere without that we also sell here. So you can test that stuff you can find out where you're at yourself.

Man 1: Ancient man had a ratio you got a ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6, ancient man had a one to one ratio probably. modern standard American diet might have a thirty to one, thirty Omega 6 to one Omega 3 acid in a bio forty to one. if we want to strive towards three to one. I will get my test next we're going to get close to one to one as fast as I can. To me the main thing I look at in a diet, does each meal has enough fat in it and is that Omega 3’s, avocado, Coconut oil, grass fed butter and you get into like meat. I don't want to go on this like with the Atkins diet you can eat any kind of meat but that's not necessarily good for you that grain fed messes up the cow just like it messes us up. and I want to eat grass fed cows, lead a happy life it's been out in the pasture.

Man 2: I mean a lot of the stuff that they put in cows towards the end; they inject hormones in the ear that will make them put on I think in the last thirty days before slaughter put on like a third more in body mass, which is crazy I mean it's great for them selling that cow I guess but if you're just talking about weight for weight but you think about how unhealthy that is for an animal to go through that. and then you wonder like what is that in there and so and they are actually Ochratoxins and aflatoxins, they are present because they're corn and grain fed and sorghum fed cows. and they are all fed all that to fatten them as much as they can so they can get the most for their product at the end of the day. what I do to combat that people are always talking about I can eat grass fed or I can't eat, I can't eat quality meat right. And people back home and I got a buddy of mine in Detroit and he was like got a family and stuff on my man you live in Michigan. We shoot deer like you got meat all day long like what you know you've got natural sources of meat all around you. the other thing is I haven't hunted in a long time but like I look at me and I go next go to the grocer and like I can pay $18 or $25 for a T-bone for a grass fed grass finish T-Bone, it's a lot of money man. but I just bought a cow with a buddy of mine here from a farmer that's in town we took it to a butcher and I got 93 pounds and I ended up paying like $3.70. So that's cheaper than the crummiest dirtiest meat that you can find at the cheapest grocery store in your local ghetto and I'm paying for the premium meat. so there's no excuses with that it's like there's a lot of Lacey Mark who just wrote a great thing too on that for the WLC website you can look at www.wholelifechallenge.com. I don't know if it's published yet but about being prepared about she travels a bunch for a job so it's like being prepared where you go and it's like I travel much so I got a kit for my bullet proof coffee that I can make wherever I go. it's like I'm not going to be a victim of my surroundings and my choices that other people are giving me. so I make sure that I'm about my business and I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to take a bunch of Allmans and I'm going to take a jar of coconut butter, I'm going to keep my oil with me, I'm going to carry my own butter with me. And all that stuff and so there's a lot of that stuff about like I just need more be more conscious and more available to empowering myself so that I don't go wild this is just all they had you know what I mean. because like my hometown has zero choices. I bring in groceries when I when I go there like when I go to visit because there's just nothing there. but that doesn't mean that I'm going to go ahead and just subject myself to that kind of eating like I can, I care about myself you know. That's a little off topic but yeah well. Yeah. Right. So there's differences the question is that there is a farmer that she was selling grass fed cows but then said the winter the grass all covered up and so I'm just repeating this for the benefit of people on the Internet, then he finished them with other things. So that's a thing that a lot of restaurants do to get some friends that are restaurant owners in town and then they'll say well there's not the marbling there's not the fat marbling as present so the flavor is in the fat. That's not as president grass fed grass finished cows. So a lot of things like that like the major corporate farmers that will that will put steroids and stuff in the cows towards that last bit so that they get as big as they can A lot of farmers that are more natural organic farmers will feed corn or sorghum at the end to finish the cow. so for the last thirty or forty days before slaughter they'll fatten them with those kinds of things to me that's still a toxic animal. So the thing is I scrape together a few hundred dollars and in the summer I buy my meat. You know I mean and that keeps me all year long. it's like it's just it's like instead of planning for my next job or I'm gone for a month then I just plan for the year and I go OK I've got plenty of me that's in the freezer or wherever I go you know. And so that does that answer your question… Yeah it just I mean you know. Exactly. I mean I don't want you to do anything you do whatever you want to but that is an easy solution to what you're saying is the issue.

Man 1: I ask a lot of questions. I got a butcher back home that I go to and I ask a lot of questions and you've got to do your research and get online we're looking to buy cow right now and I'm sure to point to research we found his ranch. Someone told me on a movie set actually and told me that his family had cows and they're all 100% grass fed he told me; man like what part of Mexico we’re in a drought, what part of Mexico are you in. And it kind of told me how to drag it out of them but yeah they bring in pellets that are full of grain because they're not of grass for them to eat off of so really have to search on it but the information is all there and I think that's what this is all about is everybody empowering themselves and doing their research and getting online and figuring out what is an Omega three fat and why is it important yeah.

Man 2: I'm sorry we're on line I guess there are some questions from the Internet that Ruben is going to go ahead with… Do we need to repeat the question or did they hear you? the question is this is the ultimate goal to wean yourself down to zero grams of grains a day or already find small amount of grains necessary or acceptable.

Man 1: I go with Rob Wolf's approach on that and when I when I do my summers back home though I tell him I challenge them spend a month following a strict Paleo diet completely eliminating any grains from your diet and people take a whole month that's like that's a big commitment. but we're talking about the rest of your life you can positively affect change your mood and change your function for the rest of your life, in the rest of your life what is a month period. And so what I would say to the guys like I would say absolutely every single grain and look and even I would take out of my diet for a month and then you can start adding things back to your diet and see how that affects you like, now I'm going to try and some white rice like that you know.

Man 2: That's how I did it just like how Keith is talking about so. I like corn chips and guacamole. So maybe I have that sometimes don't judge me but I don't eat any gluten. I think I've had three servings of fruit in the last four years I just don't do it because it makes me feel horrible. And so after a while I just won’t accept feeling bad you know. And I talk about rice as the non-grain grain, is kind of what they call it that, it doesn't have a deleterious effect to your inflammation or to your gut lining. and you want take care of your gut, you want take acid live cultures as a whole other aspect that we don't have time for maybe I don't know. but so I don't eat any grains that are wheat or gluten based. I eat very small amounts of corn based grains and I try to eat less and less more because I think I can make a difference against like Monsanto GMO or something there's just no the in some places in New Mexico you can get away with it I think where it’s natural but like basically if you're eating corn anywhere in the world you're eating genetically modified food. and that's a whole another aspect of conversation. Yeah so I eat a little bit of rice like maybe a couple times a month and that's where I'm at with it.

Man 1: The way I'm right now, like I look at the grains and like say a little bit or rice with my food really adding to my food like it's not really [sushi it is yes absolutely]. But the other night we ha grass fed revised with co flour makes a co flour up with a few tablespoons of grass fed butter and some chives and it was just for an incredible gravy to put on top of it like there's no looking back for me like.

Man 2: I never think, oh jeez I really love to have a pancake. it doesn't come up and when they talk about like gluten having addictive qualities to it it's like I really see that as not being addicted to that anymore. I don't crave pizza, I don't crave those things, it never comes up the idea of eating syrup would be like I would be sick for sure and if I ate that I would go right to sleep. There's no way I'm not going to be poisoned by that and that's how I view it, I view it as poisoning myself and why would I do that. like today I want to eat for breakfast today and I had I had three local eggs scrambled with red chili with steamed broccoli with chili sauce that didn't have any sugar in it and with chopped green chili and that's and Hollandaise sauce and bacon. Yeah right. And so and then at night I'm happy eating a juicy T-bone and broccoli with a bunch of like Mediterranean Sea salt and that's another thing is salt like so important not regular table salt like I'm a dork like I just got off this movie set and I carry salt I carry all that shit with me it's in my stock bag a bunch a bunch of salt like I just I'm prepared wherever I go you know.

Man 1: For anybody else starting a paleo diet also is talking about that's the fun of it. And you need to have a community around you is like what did you eat yesterday would you eat today because you can think of any comfort food that you grew up with and what you crave what you think you can in your diet because it's bad like meatloaf I love my paleo meat or sloppy joes and things like that

Man 2: Or spaghetti if you want to get spaghetti squash with all that stuff. It tastes like it came out with butter it's like it's amazing.

Man 1: Just get on the Google machine and Google paleo whatever your favorite food is and you can eat it and it's awesome.

Man 2: I think of it like non-narcotic heroin I'm probably not going to shoot that shit you know I mean. I think what I think why tease myself like I have something that's not very nutrient friendly to me it's not nutrient dense food and I'm also it's really carbohydrate rich. The important thing too to say on a health it is that it's horrible for you. I've heard of study the guy he talks about and he goes he says that like Simak index which is a lot of people talk about like how much carbohydrate dense a food is to release the most insulin from your body I think I'm saying that right. There to eat the gluten cart counterpart of the non-gluten food is better for you then eating the gluten free food. So if you're eating something that's pretending to be gluten free. You're maybe doing yourself more of a disservice than if you just ate the bread. which is crazy to think about but like that's the thing is like now corporate marketing is going out there and saying this is good and that's going to be poisonous too. But now that they've got the new organic right, gluten free is the new organic as far as a marketing catchphrase; y’all got to be just careful and do your own research.

Man 1: A lot of times people try and like find their like I need to find a way to make my sandwiches or whatever and there's ways (or there's a lettuce). I got lead we got make lettuce tacos all the time in there. I like him better than the tacos that I used to eat. Anyway, it's cool to learn how to not eat that way for a while but there's a Julian's bakery makes awesome coconut flour bread. But it's cool not to like find those crutches right away and just learn a different way of eating. and then I'll use every once well put in the toaster and I'll make my eggs benedict over the top of it with my own hollandaise sauce that I made.

Man 2: Yeah I think the big thing to just keep asking the questions like that's a great question like you know what about the gluten free aspect of it it's like learn about it like and look that up please I mean I admonish all that like look all that stuff up find out more about it and what's the next question… How much which kind of dairy do I consume and how good or bad is it. I like to eat goat cheese is one of my favorites and whether it's on burgers or in my eggs or whatever. I didn’t do it this morning because I agreed not to for the whole life challenge. And then I eat better I don't I try to stay away from milk and all that stuff. I will eat cheese like, but I'm not this month.

Man 1: After you do your own elimination that's one things you do is you bring cheese back in a diet. Well that's horrible for me or I like I try to do it every day I like yogurt too once in a while but I try to get a habit of doing it every day. but I look for the grass fed cheeses and the more natural cheeses what with no hormones.

Man 2: And the other thing is if you're competing I would tell any athlete, don't eat cheese because of the mucus involved and you won't read this as well. what’s the next question. Anybody else. Cheese and milk like all that stuff like what happens with butter is they cook a lot of impurities out of it and then you get butter they cook more of the impurities out of it becomes ghee, which is got a whole different flavor than butter and so I just I want to have the purest form of the nutrient without all the all the filler is what I'm looking for. I don't know that I don't know the answer to that but please come back and tell me... Yeah you know and the biggest thing is that it's like what he said and like that I mention is like you know to get super strict with it and cut it all out it's like it's like doing the whole life challenge right now like what we're all involved in and if you're online and don't know what it is look up www.wholelifechallenge.com and we will be doing it again in a couple months or a few months but like one of the things not to eat there is rice. And one of the things to eat is brown rice. Strangely enough if you're a vegetarian they offer that which to me is not the way that I would put that together because I think white rice is healthier for you than brown rice. Because the access to lactone that you open yourself up to a brown rice for one thing. but the other thing is that there is a reason I'm not eating rice which I'm not opposed to generally in my normal diet look at that bulletproof coffee. The reason I'm not opposed to it is because I think it helps me it's a nice starch it fills my diet like you said I'm big and sometimes like I'll do reef that's what I meant to say is that. I won't always keep under 100g of carbohydrates a day like once or twice a week I'll eat 300g or 400g or 500g of carbs. I'll eat as many sweet potatoes and yams and kind of nutrient dense foods that I can and do that because what I found as I was ketogenic for like three months. I peaked for long it was awesome and then I started feeling bad again. And what was happening was I had a cortisol overload that was going on and so then and then I just started adjusting things. so it's all just been learning for me I've been an experiment like I said. But the reason I'm not eating rice for the next two months is for the simple fact that I agreed to do this challenge and that's my word and so I want to try to keep that. and I think there's something highly valuable in following that just as far as discipline of what I put in my mouth to exact more discipline where I can exact more discipline in my life I become a higher elevated being and it's just happened in all different ways in my life and so I can do that for two months. You know what I mean and so I think that's what's important because it brings my consciousness to a higher level of what I'm taking in my body and that's something that is interesting to me. What I think about the decaf coffee is I think that caffeine is one of the things about go ahead with the bears on the toxins that are within our coffee.

Man 1: I don't know about decaf I know Dave has a decaf out now that he says is safe I just know there's a lot of carcinogens in the process they use to remove the caffeine so.

Man 2: What I know about it what I learned from Dave before he went into his decaf coffee and I don't know anything about his I didn’t even know that but is that caffeine is, so bulletproof coffee basically if you're drinking blends any kind of blends it comes from different places it's 95% sure that that's toxic coffee that you have molds that generate on beans people take and the reason there are blends is because it's cheaper coffee to buy; coffee is a huge trade item. and so they can take all the all the slough off of all the different beans put it all together sell it boom that's a Starbucks blend, Bike speak, Good luck and whatever. and so when I first got interested in bulletproof coffee what Dave posited to me was, do you ever feel like sluggish or like you could just crash after a cup of coffee. I said absolutely. And he said I need you to consider that your poisoning yourself that you're that you're drinking toxic coffee. and I said what’s toxic coffee and he said there's these molds that attach to coffee beans; coffee beans sometimes it just dry in the sun there are moisture between the ground in the beans and they just all cut off stacked on top each other and it's how it's cared for it's how it's produced. so that being the case there's higher grades of coffee beans and others. If you're getting a single origin coffee from a farm that you know of or the like that is what it is it's a small yield farm. It's probably a pure kind of coffee with zero toxins on it right you can guess the only way to know is to test it of course. So Keith and I are really proponents of this kind of low yielding high output coffee that is a pure form that doesn't have mold on it like. and so we know a roaster we were working with a guy and we're making our own blend of coffee and now we've got our own roasts that are that are pitted out and we just start a LLC called Pirate life and we're going to be selling that coffee and we'll sell bulletproof blends and kits and all that kind of stuff with it. The thing about the toxins are that they're more attracted to decaf because caffeine is a natural repellent to a lot of molds and I didn’t know that until I really delve into looking at coffee because I love coffee right. So I haven't looked at it like that I've had guys talk to me though through Twitter and stuff that I've talked a lot about teas that they use that they like it back and that's where bullet proof actually came from was Dave was traveling I think through an Apollo to bat and yak butter tea was something that was huge there and people talked about. The kind of function they were getting with it so that's kind of where the idea came from and I hope that answers your question… Yeah. So the question is that, does the caffeine really affects her and gets her amped up and jazzed up and I think I already know what Keith is going to say.

Man 1: It could be the kind of coffee that you're drinking and the quality of the Coffee Bean like if you're doing a Starbucks blend like who knows what you're getting it's almost like getting a hamburger at McDonald's. Yeah and there's a lot of things to like there's a lot of like single origin coffee like I got coffee for Kenyan coffee. It could be from a thousand different farms in Kenya. If you can pinpoint to one farmer just if you pinpoint one farm it doesn't mean it's a quality control farm, I mean yeah I do a little bit of research and that's what started we found this have the family farm.

Man 2: Yeah the Columbian dudes they have a family farm that they go back to and that's their whole business and it's fascinating how hands-on they are. but the other thing is that like that jitteriness and all that of the regular coffee I don't find that with and I'm a coffee drinker but a lot of people told me they don't get the jitters from it like that they get more like an elevated consciousness they're like they're awake but they're not like they don't feel the speediness or rashness from it and I don't know if that's part and parcel of induction of high fats in it also that does that a little bit. I do know that there's a lot of studies that are right now going in about MCT oil and grass fed butter and how it works with the neurotropics that are within the coffee bean besides caffeine that can access your brain I mean there. It's a big topic but I just do a little research and find out and I'll look into it I know there's a bunch of people that are probably listening right now and that I know that enjoy that way... Are you on a microphone right now? Ruben come here come on up Ruben's got an answer to this question but he's so shy even though it's very handsome. If I get his face on the camera.

Reuben: So yeah. If you like that I used to like my big papi I grew up around it but I never won it because I used to drink it and I feel like I don't know like crazy, like jittery and I didn't like that it almost felt like poison and it would hurt my stomach. So I didn't really drink it and I never like even when started drinking coffee and not a big coffee that rely on it I don't like to drink it. I also didn't like the idea of like relying on caffeine like you know like I watch my dad in the mornings and he's like a zombie until he has his coffee. And so I was like I never want to be like that you know and with the bulletproof coffee it doesn't hurt my stomach anymore and it's the butter that whatever it does like my stomach I don't know what it does but it doesn't make my stomach hurt anymore. and because I've tried it both ways I've had a hoary coffee with butter and without butter and even the same coffee just black will hurt my stomach. I guess whatever it is I'm not sure but

Man 1: That's what we're excited about with the Colombians we found this new roast coffee. I've been given this white cobbler about twenty about white coffee, we just gave its even less acidic. It's not roses so far so.

Reuben: I had some this morning.

Man 1: It is more of a nutty kind of a clean taste is not the bitterness of the city that we normally associate with coffee. And it is just it is so smooth and we are so excited to bring.

Reuben: I think like the whole thing about mold and all that you really are poisoning yourself if you're drinking cheap coffee. And I think that's what makes you feel jittery and then you get that crash and stuff and so I think if you have good coffee and you have the butter and you have MCT it’s so smooth it's like you almost don't even feel when you come off of it you know what I mean instead of like you're really high and then you crash it's like you really feel good and then you just like jittery smooth out of it. and I don't ever feel like I need it like people always ask me why I don't want to become dependent on coffee and there's days I drink and there's days I don't you know and it's like some days I fast with in the mornings and some days I eat big breakfast you know and it's just like I don't feel like I need it but I love the way I feel when I drink it.

Man 1: I don't use microwaves I stopped using, I don't know a lot of science behind I just heard it zaps a lot of the nutrients in the food.

Man 2: The question was what about the use of microwaves do we do that or not.

Man 1: I will go to something else right now like, as we get into stuff like microwaves smart people tell me not to use and I don't care about research and so I don't use microwave it zaps a lot of nutrients and I work on very low temperatures in the oven and on the stove.

Man 2: I did warm up coffee in the microwave this morning. And I and then I got judged. But I'm not about mostly I just been friendly with bands and if I don't know I'm not doing I don't go through the goddamn thing at the airport I've got an injury I'm sorry I can't go in there. I am medically exempt. And then they said what’s your injury, I said: you can’t ask me that. and then they said well yeah we can, I said no that infringing on my privacy as an American. and they said well you can't tell us what you entered, I said how but I've been afflicted with freedom. And I don't do it I won't go in there and I say I can't raise my arm over. I've got a shoulder injury I'm not doing it I will not do it. I've got a guy, like I don't know what the job stipulation is that the TSA. I think the only requirement is that you're shaped like a pear though and that you're not very bright because I talk to a lot of those guys in my travels and I'm just I got a guy reading a placard going, no it's completely safe see the NSA and I guess you can trust those guys ask any Afghan they are trustworthy folks. I'm just not doing it and if I'm skeptical about it it's my health and that's my life and I know that you don't care about it but I care about it you know what I mean I'm not doing that. And I just put it through that it comes back to value and empowerment yourself and in this information age it's all we really have you know. The biggest revolutionary act you can do right now is take care of yourself and vote with your dollars you know your vote doesn't mean a whole lot anyway I don't know that anybody really believes in in the system of government we have set up right now. I think if I vote the local government it matters if I know those people but at any level past a governor I might. There's so compromise at that level there's no way. there's too much money involved if there's a third party awesome they got a third check for that asshole too. I'm just I don't believe it but I do know that I can pay money for an organic farmer versus something comes off a Cisco truck. I do know that I can vote with my dollars. I do know that if I want to go to the drugstore that I don't have to go to seven eleven and see a goddamn another blight on our horizon in America of another shitty fucking convenience store. I know that and maybe it won't stop the problem but I know that I'm making a difference for myself you know I'm not the guy so I look at it like that you know. And like I said whatever anybody does manage to the degree that you want to love yourself do that or don't. but no when I knowingly can look in Mrs. Bowers eyes and I can know that that cab sit next to it she does a carriage is going to take another drink and she's going to die from that. that's got it and that's a sobering idea for me and so I kind of look at stuff on that spectrum now you know and I'm trying to view it like that you know. and it's a family you know that this whole thing this this right here this is what I can create a difference. And globally it's no different we're a family in that way because my vote matters no but maybe my voice does. You know there's a friend of ours this guy mask that died and he owned a T. shirt company which doesn't sound like a big deal but it turned into a billion-dollar company and he was selling T. shirts and we started grappling over the back of a truck. and he'd set up a table like this and sell T. shirts and now it's everywhere and he's dead now. but he's one of my favorite quotes, here's a guy like he was with you when you're right there and I get goosebumps talking about him. but he said you know maybe I won't maybe I won't touch a million people but maybe I touch one guy that touches a million people. and that's the thing you know like your voice creates waves and what I do you move through life creates waves and I don't know what that's going to be. And so I'm trying to do better than I did yesterday and this is our first time doing this for Keith and I you know we've never done this before. but I don't know it's five o'clock and I want to end on time and keeping tell you give our time and your time and be conscious of that. and there's a book of coffee here that has been made and I thank you all for coming. If there's any last questions I guess before we close up or Keith any last things to say.

Man 1: That's good. Go to websites

Man 2: Yeah man. I don’t know if anybody's written down all the websites that we've talked about but like. Yeah let's do that.

Man 1: Well we want to get it. We want to get on with record the websites right. OK this is like again this was all about as you guys came here what you made a big step to try to talk about nutrition and what not like it's a big step. and we employ to go forward and just empower yourself with knowledge and here's a few sites and a few places that me and Tait use all the time.

Man 2: So at www.originalnutritionals.com is our friend Logan’s and visual company also has a great part of the beta group but there's great Allman coconut, Allman butter coconut butter and coffee all mixed together in just goodness he's got that too on his site. Now he sells a great fish oil it's a great place for information he's got a great blog and writes all the time. www.SFH.com is a company called Stronger Faster healthier. They also sell fish oil, high grade fish oil and they sell different protein powders. www.ultaSana.com where I get my coconut butter from the coconut oil silver idea things. www.CrossfadeLA.com is a place where there's a there's a bunch of workouts and there's some good motivational blogs that are there. www.RobWolf.com. Am I going too fast. www.Mark'sdailyApple.com and that's Mark systems website and he's got a great blog he has gone. www.bulletproofexact.com and that's our guy named Dave. all these guys have podcasts as well. What else you got.

Man 1: that's a pod cast man like there's so much information out there that's part of like we're in the new information age we don't turn on the radio and listen to one or two choices I mean, like talk radio now like on podcast form you can listen to anything you want driving around your car and empower yourself by listening to Dave ask every single guest he has on, it's very informative. So again it's some point you guys go out and start to research stuff on your own.

Man 2: Yeah mobility. Yeah please, www.mobilitywod.com is a great place. It's another free site where a guy a really movement genius has like two to five minute videos every day of how you can mobilize every day at home. a lot of that speaks to like sliding tissue and which is what that information that Keith has been talking a lot about what it will collar. and so I want to I want to get all my fashion moving I want to be able to move all my joints I don't like you know I haven't talked about stiffness or I can't get out of bad right or all that kind of stuff but the fact is that I've got a responsibility to myself like I'm letting myself fall into disrepair if I'm not steadily moving towards you know a greater movement especially as I get older like I just I can't I can't stress say that enough. www.workoutofthedaytogo.com is great there's a lot of great web great meals on there all the time there's workouts that you can do in hotel rooms they don't need any equipment for at all. they're just there's good resources like that all over and just if you start looking for those little resources like the whole world's going to pop up. you look at www.deucegym.com is another buddy of mine that's got great stuff out there that he blogs every day about movement about empowerment about accountability and about looking for Excellence in your life. What's else, www.santafeundisputed.com there's great blogs on their workouts every day you kind of get to see what's going on here a little bit. What am I missing boys anything? if you want to learn how to strangle people you guys interested in that at all. Yeah, right so the www.tenthplanetjujitsu.com you can look there you can. Yeah it's www.timeplanetjj.com and there's a great like television show that put out every week there that is really interesting to watch so and it's entertaining. I think that's it.

Man 1: I am just humbled by anybody who got to this point you guys sticking around.

Man 2: Thank you. So let us know like I don't know would love to set up another time to do more of this going to more details on subsections of this like just going into the whole coffee thing and into movement and mobility and different things that Keith and I do. I'm really into body weight movements and cross fit style workouts and you know and then like combat oriented stuff but he's got a whole another whole wheel house of sandbag movements of TRX stuff and yoga that I've been really excited about lately. so there's a world out there for full movements. we didn’t talk about chocolate or salt we got so much more. Thank you all, thanks every listen on the Internet. Thanks a bunch.

Tait and Keith ‘The Dean of Mean’ Jardine (‘The Dean of Caffeine’ as I have renamed him -Nate) sat down at Undisputed Fitness to give a 2 hour seminar on nutrition. Personal history was told, questions were answered, laughs were had, and knowledge bombs were dropped.

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