Episode 62. Ruben Rivera and Nate Harris

Ruben Rivera and Nate Harris

Yea welcome to Pirate Life Radio, your host Tait Fletcher. I'm a, reminiscing doing this for a long time man and am happy to be back, I've been so smash busy and it just hasn't been priority but am really glad to be back on a microphone and hopefully I'll be sending this out and get it put on Stitcher or on Itunes because I got one that I haven't done that with yet but whats been going on man, I want to thank everybody for bearing with me and I want to thank all the kind notes and words of encouragement, all these savages out there that are just wanting the podcast, It's really nice to know that it doesn't fall on deaf ears and that its heard and valued and all that kind of stuff. Also I want to thank my sponsors, I want to thank Caveman Coffee a lot of good shit happening with Caveman Coffee right now man we're so stoked. We just got into Australia, we just got a distributor down in Australia and you can find it at Caveman Coffee Co.Au and my friend Peter Koslow will hook you up down there. He's got everything in stock it’s so cool man because Australia fans have been so huge to us and so loving and we're really just stoked to be on board down there and do what we can. The other people I want to thank, I want to thank Onnit.com, you guys all know who they are. My ad will be the shortest Onnit ad ever because Joe’s is always the longest Onnit ad ever.

Great stuff, great nutraceuticals I love their I love their alpha brain I don't sleep without it. I could but I just sleep better and I sleep more vibrant and I sleep in deeper sleep and am always looking at ways how to better and optimize my life. I hate saying optimize my life anymore it's become such a catch term everywhere, every new tropic out there is got optimize my your life on it but it's really true man if you want to dial in and not just exist, there are things that you need to do that and I think exercise is a great thing and there's different supplements and Onnit really fills the bill in a lot of that stuff. Also I want to thank the Float lab and Float clinics, both ones in Venice and ones down in Torrance, good friends down there and I'm a real fan of the immersion tanks where you can go to kind of a zero gravity state of mind and body and it’s kind of like a whom like space like experiences it's weird to say exactly what it is but if you can ever get into those isolation chambers and sit for an hour and a half a few times a week. It'll really change your life in a short time man. Your whole gauge kind of alters. I also want to thank Natural stacks they've been really good and just hook me up with a bunch of really cool shit and am really stoked to be trying their stuff and going with it and they have everything from all kind of new tropics. They have a smart caffeine pill; they've got all kind of different brain and health enhancers. They've got a collagen protein that's also really nice. It’s just stuff they just don't get a lot anymore, the way foods are grown, the way meat is grown now. There's a lot of ways that we get diminished and we don't get vitamin enriched or nutrient enriched enzymatically, which is really what collagen does in a lot of ways. Then I want to thank this bone broth company, my God I am gonna have to tag it at the end. Fire and heart maybe, I forgot their name but they're tremendous. So anyway a lot of stuff that I’ve been doing, we went to the natural foods expo. Me and Keith and Lacey for Caveman Coffee and it was red and then Kroger and Walmart, all these crazy big huge corporate chains are really wanting to be on the cutting edge of what natural health and body care is and that was really really encouraging to see and I really feel like the grassroots force of demanding grass fed demanding wild caught fish. Like all that kind of stuff I feel like those big corporations are hearing us. There's a market that is demanding it and like how I say man you got to vote with your dollars. So it’s really encouraging to see that that's happening. What other sponsors? Concrete Cowboy of course. Dallas, killing it, loves Dallas I think I'm moving to Dallas because God damn it its fucking awesome and clutch bar down in Dallas. Man if you're there for an uptown area you got stop by and see those bars they're just rad and if you want really good healthy food too Clutch got a full menu all the way, I think until midnight or something like that (inaudible5:18 its awesome. Then we got a Concrete Cowboy down in Austin as well. My friends Hannah and there's a bunch of folks down there that make that thing work and it’s really, you know it’s like everything else. It’s like whatever business you have, whatever (inaudible5:34 its personality driven man and the people and the coworkers that I’ve got that are in all those spots I just, I really admire and thank them a bunch man because that's what makes it all work for us and then we just opened Concrete Cowboy, my partners Dan and Carly down in Houston man they're smashing it and it's just been beautiful. What a reception Houston has been for us so I really want to push that out as much as I can man. Concrete Cowboy Houston Dallas Austin and Clutch in Dallas we're going to open up Clutch Houston here, probably by the end of the summer we'll be done building, it's an awesome build-out. It's just fun man, it’s been super cool and we may put a Caveman Coffee down in Houston too. Hit me on twitter for sure and find out more about that and let me now that you’re down in Houston man what a rad fucking energy down there. What else is happening? I want to thank Deuce Gym for all my workout needs in Venice California, right across from whole foods so artfully located in the perfect spot and I just love Logan, you can find him at functional coach. Find Deuce Gym at deuce_gym I believe or you can find my girl at (inaudible 6:52 and just watch all the strongman happenings of southern California and guys that are kind of on the lead tip of the spear as far as fitness and nutrition go and how that conversation is going forward. Just finish up the cross fit games regional qualifiers this last week and that was a blast. I’m trying to think. I know I got other sponsors but, maybe I'll put those at the end, I don't know. You can find me on TaitimusMaximus is my Snapchat which is been a great forum and I've been having a lot of fun with it. That's my name Tait TaitimusMaximus that's Snapchat and my Instagram of course TaitFletcher and my Twitter is TaitFletcher and that's it man. There's a bunch of fights I’d like to talk about, I don't think I've podcasted since I did, maybe since Holly. Fuck has it been that long, since Holly and Rhonda fought maybe. How long has it been Ruben? A long time. Arlan Sanford and I did one after that. Anyway if you haven't heard Arlan Sanford too man you got to check that out man, that podcast I did with Arlan was tremendous. He is my original mixed martial arts teacher and really the advent of a lot old-school guys. He was the guy that nurtured and kind of fostered and push that conversation forward that made a lot of guys be able to have viable fight careers. So anyway that was a great podcast it was an honor to be able to do. And I just got into Santa Fe, like I said I just got done with the regionals (inaudible8:39 Santa Fe tonight and then I head back to LA couple days and then I’ll be heading back to Austin I do Adam and Drew show, Adam Carolla and Dr.Drew on Tuesday and then I go Austin for Paleo effects and that ought to be a awesome time and we podcast a lot over there with Mark Sisson and Robb Wolf and maybe even Dave Asprey might come on my podcast who knows, you know stranger things have happened. And that's about whats going on. Other sponsors Bloody Maria find them at Blood Maria and at Nuevo Cerveza. Nuevo Cerveza is about to go nationwide, it's a local beer that we brew here in Santa Fe and me and Marcus Aragon, we've been old friends for long long time and then he got into the beer brewing business and I kind of got in to the beer brewing business too. So anyway that about does it for my sponsors. Here today Robin, Ruben rather not Robin. I don't know what's wrong with me right now, maybe I’m just tired. But Ruben Rivera is here with me, old friend and one of my most trusted compatriots and really glad to here. Stuntman black belt jujitsu, kind of a expert of all trades I would say not even jack of all trades but as far as editing or film making, stunts or act like all of it like the guy does really everything and when I say expert of all trades it’s like, you know, I don't want to go on and on about it but like the care that you take with stuff it's like it's like the little stuff makes a difference in its like why am I doing it if am going to do it shitty and that's one of the things that I always get from you is that, you know. There's a standard to it why would I do it sloppy you know. So anyway we got Nate Harris coming on too and Nate is another really fantastic friend of mine and he's calling in right now because Ruben just moved to a new apartment so we're in a new venue so he's got to tell Nate where to go as he could hear him talking in the background and I get this bad ass flashlight I can't stop playing police officer with it. It's a Fenix and they spelled Fenix wrong its Fenix and I shouldn't have bought it based on that. I fucking hate that, because when I was a little kid I got a spelling contest and I saw a light bright commercial on TV and the light bright was spelled lite and I knew it was light but when I got the fucking spelling contest, I was like " they wouldn't lie to you on TV" that's what I thought as a little kid, they wouldn't lie to you on TV, hilarious. Anyway I didn't win the spelling contest because the goddamn light bright and my naiveté. So, you know that's it. I'm just going to sit here I guess in dead air and wait for my friends to come by. I also just did MMA Sucka radio up in Vancouver. I went to Jason Ellis a couple weeks ago. Ellis Mania if you haven't heard about that, that's something worth every American checking out. Jason is un-American in that he is an Australian but still a fantastic fucking human and this Ellis Mania was bad ass because he has all these different like freak show kind of fights and so there will be like guys dressed in bikinis and there's like ten of them and then they do musical chairs and the two guys that don't get a fair fight and then they go back in, the winner stays in and then they do musical chairs until there's just two guys left and then they fight for the final and it all happens in like 10 minutes it's fucking awesome. Then there's a piñata fight where Jason and a couple guys defend the piñata against oncoming marauders that all have boxing gloves on. One dude got lace man, knocked out; out of the cage it's like a real boxing fight except with this weird goal. You had shock collar fights, not this time but the time before where everybody, There is a participant, like six kick boxer's in the cage or in the ring all have shock collars on and then there's six people that are outside the ring that all that all can hit their shock collars indiscriminately and fucking hilarious. Anyway not only hilarious in that people just allow themselves to get fucked up but the real bad ass part of it is people get to seek their own excellence in it. There's this aspect of people who maybe stop trying or stop learning, everybody gets given these kind of rogue mundane parts of their life and they're not able to really pull it all together and ever try again they just go oh well I did this job and this is this and that's it. Learning stops in a way, or trying stops in a way and there's a yearning I think in certain people where they need to do more and they want to set a goal they want to accomplish a that goal and Jason offers this thing in combat where people can do that. There's biggest losers fight and the guys lost the biggest amount of weight got the pleasure of fighting and competing and they got to feel what it's like to compete in a combat scenario for real and it was, I mean the exhibition itself, it meant so much just because the love and concern because Jason's got a radio show and so everybody knows each other from the radio show in some regard or another and there's like a real familial vibe to it man it was super cool I really liked it a lot. We're joined now with Ruben and Nate Harris also and Nate's gonna tweet and text just like we're at dinner continually so we'll have that going on. Do you understand how Microphones works? You got to speak into them or else you’re not in the conversational at all.{Guest} I just wanted to see, I didn't think he was lying I just wanted to see for myself if he has eighty thousand Twitter followers. {Host} is it true? {Guest} well you start getting really mad at me for being on the phone so I put it away. {Host} Good. {Guest}Yea {Guest} Good move. You had to go wash the smell of pussy off of his dick and so now we're here

because that's the kind of pussy that he gets, is that you need a shower and when I say a shower I mean alcohol bath he dipped himself in purale. He has a tub full of purale and he never uses it until when the lady’s in the house and then he dips, like the way you would dip for a flea dip for cats, same kind of thing.{Guest} But he doesn't change the puerile.{Host} Right {Guest} But who did I learn that from? {Host}Yes. Well I have a shower I just wash that shit around, remember when I remember when I was in Detroit once, anyway that's another story. So we're getting deep into the Caveman Nitro right. {Guest} Whats that? {Host} Are you whispering as if we're not on the air? You have to be engaged here or go home. And this is the actual podcast but today won't be privy to it all so all the things that you’re referencing, if you don't reference it, It seems really really awkward when you listen. So anyway am gonna leave this to Nate. {Guest} Hi. Sorry man I had to leave, Tait did an introduction, and you know he fucking went off. Made me feel a little uncomfortable at times saying all these good things about me but then I had to go let you in, I wasn't even able to say thank you to him.{Guest} Tait's such a nice guy that he's got a whole stack of Nitro cans right here and he just opened up one for me.{Guest} Ready to go.{Guest} For those of you guys that don't know, Tait gave me my black belt in jujitsu and then I couldn't, I wouldn't want it from anybody else you know. I think Tait is one of the most important figures in my life you know for a long time and today and I'll probably make him really uncomfortable right now and he's my mentor and and I look to him and I look to him for advice and I feel like I’m really lucky to have him because, you know a lot of people especially on the internet these days like everybody likes to talk about how to do it and how to be successful and how to you know do all these things and then like I’m lucky enough to actually have a person that I can talk to that I can have dinner with that I can be with, that is successfully and can give me advice that I can actually touch and feel and like it's a real thing it's not just some dude on the internet it may be is pretending like pretending to be successful and is not so like I’m really grateful for that.{Guest} Yeah that's what I think every time like I see a dude or see anybody reaching out to somebody on the internet for advice like my first thought is, "you don't have somebody".{Guest} There's a lot of guys like what do I do, what should I eat or how should I work out.{Guest} Am like you have anybody that likes that sad I feel bad for you. {Host} It's a weird thing like there's so much like my inbox gets filled up with questions and all that and it's like it's I don't know its everything. It's awkward and it’s interesting to be, first for me to be in a position where I feel like I have something to give which seems like a weird position to be in but make no mistake it's not because I'm super smart it’s like, the only reason is, is because I stumbled a lot and I was horribly depressed and I had to train myself to learn how to be happy it's like not by default happy like to train myself those things I think like there's things like jujitsu for sure help me with that like, AS far as being discipline. It thought me to be discipline and taught me the redundancy of action bringing success and now, that was a huge thing I think in my formation because I didn't have anything else. So now it’s like, It's a privilege, I mean everyday there's like either Snapchats or private messages or whatever and I try to respond to what I can and if it's really stupid like "hey whats up dude, how are you I just decline that shit maybe decline him, block you know but then there's a real entreaty there and there's people that are suffering and that's the thing that's the thing that's so cool about the day and age we live in is because you can learn anything. The internet's out there for us to come together there's more unity than ever. {Guest} Yea, it’s like, Brandon 20:20 was saying this the other day where he was talking about how you know; we are the sum of the five people we're around. {Host} Yea that’s that five monkey theory right.{Guest} And he was saying that in this day and age it doesn't have to be your mom or your dad or your friends that live with you like you could literally be with people on the internet now you know and that you can you can message people and then you can listen to podcasts and you can surround yourself with these people are positive influences in your life you don't have to have all the negativity.{Host} And you don't even ever have to have hug them you don't even have to know, you know what I mean, like that's the cool thing is that we can, you can go to Harvard and never leave your apartment, like you can learn almost anything you want on the internet, its dope man. Anyway like it becomes a question of being accountable and being responsible to yourself you know and for me with that looks like is, what am I putting in my head I can be I can scroll through my Facebook feed for 23 hours a day done it doesn't feel great results not awesome and that’s short-term, the long-term result is, is that am more

boring am more dull am more predictable I become that guy and I have zero to offer it's like that's what people that do that have, like it's just, you might as well vape, you know what I mean really and like that's a huge, it's a huge problem or I can choose to go I’m going to put on 21:44 and I’m going to go and am going to get some books of audible or I'm gonna go, you know like my timeline never fucks me up with the people that, because everybody is either blocked or else I don't follow those people I only want shit that's going to feed me good positive stuff all the time and when I do that, I mean its so crazy I was reading some articles where they're skinheads or something and there's some, maybe, I don't know, some kind of gang banging or something and that's all alive and well on the internet. On Facebook, and I was like holy Christ look at these guys profile but, complete with guns and all sorts of hate speech, never, I would never know, because if this doesn't come up for me I don't fuck with any of that stuff in real life or online I just don't do it man. {Guest} And it’s easy to do you know. It’s really is and it’s easy to find that stuff and have that negativity in your life it's a lot. I think it’s a lot more difficult to be positive and to stay positive and to have those positive influences in your life. I think people are so quick to smash you and your ideas in your hopes and your dreams you know and so is like, yea like you said we have to we have to make that extra effort to surround ourselves with positive influences in real life and on the internet like I do the same thing I block, like if you post some stupid shit like some racist stuff or like anything like this easy to block and I never see you again I don't even know you exist.{Guest} Yeah that's like, I've always said that like the liberal use of the unfollow button zero, zero tolerance policy on my page you’re dumb you get hidden I never see you again.{Guest} In real life that's me too. {Host} You ever those fucking people that are, have the dog things like the, like here’s a dog that has been in a fight or here's the guy that's hanging the dog by its dick over the bridge and something and get justice for this dog and give this guy what he deserves. And I see who post that and I go why am I looking at this horrible image and usually it's just some nice hippie girl or something am like you got the darkest mind ever. Is like you pick whatever you want out of there who knows if that's real or if its whatever but it certainly propagates the problem it doesn't diminish the problem at all It just makes people feel ugly for the day and that's not helpful to the opposite of good. {Guest} Nobody saw that video and then went out and saved a bunch puppies. {Host} right right. {Guest} They talked about like "oh my God did you see the video" those people suck and then it just paints their day in that day. {Host} It’s like that one picture I put one time and it was would you step on this puppy for Fifty Million Dollars. {NATE} That's was really telling about some of your fans. {Host} I mean it’s crazy there's a chick right here in Santa Fe and she's a really super heavy weight chick like she's maybe three times what her body weight should be and she just doesn't take care of herself wherever and then she's got all kinds of opinions about like these are pieces of shit and you're responsible for this because you're condition spreading hate on the internet and there's some really funny people on their they'll be like, oh I will just rub its head with the top of my toes and then I’ll get my money and then am like you're the diabolical one talking about he'll crush the dog dummy, like what the fuck.{Guest} Yea. {Host} It's interesting man it’s interesting where people's heads go but all those people that are so vociferous on the internet, they ain't shaking the tree I don't see them doing anything who are you inspiring what are you doing. {Guest} No one. {Host} Its a trip, it’s like the more I focus on me, the more of my shit can get good, the more I focus on other things, it’s like even I'm finding that right knowledge is business. There's people that we work with that I can't talk to like I’m not the guy because it takes so much from me that I’m just like I got withdraw a little bit because otherwise like that's one of the reason I didn't have energy to do the podcast and stuff for a while. It's like I get so inundated with all the other dumb shit and I'm like these are conversations that like anybody could have and people could work out for their selves but people just want to gossip and they want to do this and that and it’s like whatever and that's like I can't fucking do it man and then I shut down for a while and am like I'm useless so right now I'm in a place where I'm going okay you can make, like I got a new brand that I want to create that we're gonna get going this summer and I just want to start doing some different things with Caveman, I've got a couple new good things coming, but it's like to do that I can't worry about the day to day operations at the warehouse anymore or I can’t, they're different shit that I can't do, like anyway its like picking your time. I was thinking about that five monkey. theory going, you know I, want those people that are surrounding me to be nourishing to me and I want to nourishing to them and usually there's somebody behind you that's not super nourishing.

Ruben is a 10th planet black belt, stuntman, actor, videographer and Nate is a 10th planet brown belt, stuntman, CrossFit/Strongman coach, barista extraordinaire.

We talk about the importance of who you surround yourself with. You are the sum of the 5 closest people to you.

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